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  1. Closed Till Further Notice

    closing the store and focusing on the fish aquaculturing side of business has really paid off. We now produce over 15 species of clownfish and steadily expanding. Although we are currently only selling wholesale at present time, we hope to sell retail through our website very soon. As for our retail store, it will currently remain closed. Thank-you for your patronage. I still can and continue to place orders for dry goods and livestock at solid rock bottom prices, at customer requests.
  2. Sorry we will be closed till further notice. We are ramping up our production of aquacultured products and re-organinzing/ restructuring our wearhouse which will require to shut down our retail operation for a while. This will give us time to focus on our clownfish and our website which we have been neglecting. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  3. Closed This Weekend

    We will be closed this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Sale This Weekend

    ok guys heres my first sale for the store. Im giving away an extra 10% on all my livestock over my already low prices heres some examples small blue regal tangs reg $30 sale $27 6 line wrasse reg $15 sale $13.50 elegance coral reg $65 sale $58 duncan polyps reg $10/head sale $9/ head rainbow maxi carpets reg $50 sale $45 acan frags reg $35 sale $32.50 large blonde naso tangs (5-6 inches) reg $120 sale $108 copperband butterfly reg $25 sale $22.50 gold 1st grade maxima clams reg $40 sale $36 sohal tang reg $180 sale $162 borbonius anthias reg $225 sale $202.50 SUPER SPECIALS LARGE SNOWFLAKES DAMSELS - $15 SNOWFLAKE EELS $15 ENGINEER GOBIES $10 ACAN FRAGS $25 REGULAR MAXI MINI CARPETS $25 YELLOW TANGS $25 PEPPERMINT SHRIMP $3 and plenty more,,,
  5. New Telephone Number

    OK, got the telephone line fixed and running again. please note the new phone number 850-460-2917
  6. Current Livestock

    sat and sun 10am to 5 pm.. phone line is fixed. will post the new number tomorrow and on the website. If you have any questions or get turned around just give us a call. Its also located on google maps on the contact us section of our website.
  7. Current Livestock

    We are open on the weekends. We have been for a while now. We were open this weekend also, and people were in and out. Yes the phone does not work, and im currently working on that as we speak . We need some re-wiring done and the phone company is on it, I should have the new line and number installed by todays end. I dont get much time to post on this forum, but looks like i need to. - go to the contact us page and it will show you exactly where we are. We just pulled a ton of fish out from quarentine and will be having a large sale to move stock next weekend. (Yes we will be open!) will also post the new phone number and have it forwarded to my cell number after hours so that there is no more confusion
  8. Website Is Online!

    yeap were back to business as usual, were open sat and sundays 10am to 5pm.. we've pretty much got all fish in right now..our large coral shipment wont be here till tuesday. the holidays tied up shipping from my suppliers. will be getting in some killer stuff on tuesday. as for the website ,ive started to update it, its a slow process, ive updated some fish , but havent uploaded the actual pics of the fish yet, thats why theres nothing on the scroll function..but if you scroll along the zoas will show up. its going to take me a minute to get the wysiwyg pics updated. its a chore taking individual pics of the actual livestock one by one and then loading them on the website on their own individual pages.. i think im going to need to hire an extra person just to do that because its so time consuming. Im a beliver in using the actual picture of the livestock you will be receiving rather then a generic pic. So much money goes into peoples tanks , i would want to know exactly what im getting. on another note our 300 gallon nursery tank is up and running for our sps. we have some awesome frags in grow out right now( sorry none for sale.....yet)
  9. Current Livestock

    heres a list of what we have in currently... we will be open this weekend Some of the highlights we have include hard to get australian gold torch's, borbonius anthias, rainbow acans, muculluch clowns, wyoming white clowns and the newly released completely jet black snowflake (black snowflake - a cross between a blacker ice and black and white clown) also for all you acan lovers , we have over 50 frags of gorgeous acans that are ready for a new home.. Im going to start loading pics of these on our new website today, i assure you some of this stiff won't last long. I'll let you know when their posted so that you can see pics.. purple stylo green stylo birds of paradise green tip birds nest ponape birdsnest spongodes blue voodoo plum crazy first grade maxima clam gold maxima clam gracilla algae red, green and brown muculluch clowns wyoming white clowns black snowflake clowns black ice clowns platinum clowns onyx clowns picasso clowns snowflake clowns snowonyx clowns albino clowns saddle back clowns sunkist clowns tomatoe clowns percula clowns oscellaris clowns naked clownfish domino clownfish sponctinus clowns coral beauty blue regal tang long nose hawk fish pseudochromis diamond watchman goby orange firefish purple firefish goby whip fin fairy wrasse porpupine sea urchin sally light foot fire shrimp green brittle starfish purple tangs medium bubble anenomes copperband yellow watchman goby bluspot jawfish blue hippo tiny peppermint shrimp borbonius anthia pearlscale butterfly yellow long nose butterfly midas blenny akindynos clowns green mandarin goby target mandarin achilles tang blonde naso tang naso tang powder brown tang purple tang sohal tang lime green sunset wrasse 6 line wrasse scotts wrasse black and white heniochus butterfly blonde naso tang maxi mini rainbow carpet regular maxi carpets yellow cucumber snowflake eels panther groupers lionfish elegance corals acan frags rainbow acans candy cane neon green duncan polyps branching duncan polyps regular hammer toxic green gold torch head purple torch head torch green/ ultra head
  10. Website Is Online!

    we're open again from today.. 10-5pm will be posting our new livestock on another post..
  11. Website Is Online!

    The pick up option has been added to the checkout.. thanks for the idea Cody! forgot to mention there will be a minimum order amount to get the $15 overnight shipping option.. i can't send a $10 frag for $15 (shipping isn't cheap)
  12. Website Is Online!

    Shipping will be $15 overnight to Mobile. If its not ill absorb the rest. I should be able to ship overnight to most places in the panhandle for $15. If you purchase more then $300 worth of products shipping will be free. You may pick up your purchases at the store also.
  13. Website Is Online!

    any other suggestions appreciated!!
  14. Website Is Online!

    Thank-you Cody i appreciate that. The website will be a sponsor on a few national websites. so i didn't include info like that for local reefers. but yes mostly all the fish and coral you will see will be wysiwyg. If you see something you like you will have to purchase it online to secure a hold on the item. I will ask my web designer to place a "will pick up" on the shopping cart check out that won't charge a shipping fee if you pick up...great idea! However you will have to purchase the item thru the website to guarantee its yours and we will gladly hold it for pick up. I didn't realise how much work goes into website design. its taken a few months to get it to where it is.. still some bugs to work out..
  15. Website Is Online!

    So the website is finally online!! Just dummy products are listed for now until i test the site for any flaws. Please click on the link below and have a look and let me know what you think.. The overnight $15 shipping option for anyone in the panhandle (free if orders over $300) will be a special for this club. you'll just have to mention it on checkout. will start to take pics and upload fish and coral over the next week or two..still have to mess with all the catergories and links..