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  1. Blu (Joshua)

    I was drunk
  2. Blu (Joshua)

    Don't encourage him! - Jennie (the wife)
  3. Blu (Joshua)

    Pretty much the most awesome guy ever!
  4. Ajskennels

    Definitely the nicest guy with the best corals on the site. If you haven't had the pleasure to do business with, you're missin out. i could tell a long version of the story but the short is "I need an Ro/Di TODAY but couldn't go anywhere to get one, James went WAAAAY out of his way to help a reefer. Drove from Mobile just to help a brother out. Don't know what I woulda done without him!"
  5. Powder Blue Tang

    If you add a powder blue, treat it like a other words, make it your last addition, it's a very territorial fish so in that''ll want the whole thing to itself. My friend added an Achilles after just a few weeks of having his powder blue and it was destroyed in a day.
  6. Radions....

    Don't sweat it Josh, you don't have to move it far...Imy house is just around the corner.
  7. I'd like to congratulate Chris on getting his Masters (Finally)!!! That's quite the accomplishment!
  8. 220G Build

    Thanks to both of you. I'm glad it came together as planned.
  9. 220G Build

    On so here's the rest of th build.
  10. Overflow Boxs

    They're going in tomorrow. They look fantastic.
  11. 220G Build

    So the tank I got had some pretty big chips in the corners that had been filled but still looked like crap so here's what I did. Good as new!!!!
  12. 220G Build

    Oh, Looks like I forgot 2 pics.
  13. 220G Build

    This pretty much catches up what I've got done so far. Again, the craftsmanship of the stand is amazing, thanks Garry. And Jarrod did a halfway decent job on the acrylic overflows. jkjk
  14. 220G Build

    Ok, lets see if this works. Here's the rough tank and stand. SUCCESS!!!!