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    Reef tanks, bulldogs, my fiance, my baby boy on the way, family, and enjoying the simple things in life.
  1. Wtb t-5

    Will also consider a 36 inch halide and t5 combo fixture
  2. Aquatic life halo

    I'm broke so 175 takes it all lol
  3. Wtb t-5

    Looking for a 36 inch t-5 fixture with 4 to 6 bulbs. Thank you.
  4. Aquatic life halo

    Just going to consider these sold thank u
  5. One day only. Green with blue rim monti

    Jim how did I miss this
  6. Aquatic life halo

    I'm sorry to hear that. You are right I may just keep them. I always sell what I think I do not need. A month later I end up needing what I sold lol
  7. Aquatic life halo

    thanx moat good idea. You still growing corals in your garage?
  8. Aquatic life halo

    $200 for the deluxe and basic plus the mounting arms. Or will trade for sps corals
  9. Corals for sale

    All sold
  10. Corals for sale

    13 heads of Duncan coral $30. 5 heads of Duncan coral $10. Rock with 6 large mushrooms green with yellow center $25. 2 smaller rocks with some kind of plays with alto of heads $10 each. Text 8508325329 and ill do my best to get pics.
  11. Aquatic life halo

    $200 final price drop
  12. Aquatic life halo

    one last price drop. $225 for the basic and deluxe.
  13. Aquatic life halo

    Final price drop 250
  14. Aquatic life halo

    price drop to $300 with out the mounting brackets
  15. Neptune apex lite setup