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  1. Return pump

    Price drop 50 for return pump and 50 for skimmer.
  2. Return pump

    Also have a large marineland skimmer with pump for 75.00 or will trade for sps corals
  3. Return pump

    Quite one 6000 which is over 1800 gph. Asking 75.00
  4. Base rock

    I have some base rock i would like to trade for corals if anyone is interested. Rock has been bleached and been soaking in prime for 2 days.
  5. Wtb 72 inch light fixture

    Anyone have a 72 inch metal halide and t5 fixture they would like to sell
  6. Wtb

    Sent u a message just let me know a price
  7. Wtb

    Anyone have a 90 gallon cube or larger aquarium setup for sale? Also looking for a 20 to 40 gallon all in one setup
  8. Saltwater equipment

    Tunze auto top off $50 bucks. Coral box powerhead $40.. korilia powerhead $15. Refractometer $10. Aquatic life 150 watt halide pendant, ballast, and 2 new 20k bulbs for $45. Text 850 832 5329 for pics or questions.
  9. Tank part out

    All is sold
  10. Tank part out

    200 for everything left
  11. Tank part out

    Actually 300 for everything listed
  12. Tank part out

    350 for everything listed
  13. Tank part out

    200 for tank and stand
  14. Tank part out

    Will also trade for a 90 gallon or bigger rr
  15. Live stock for sale

    All livestock and rock are sold