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    Reef tanks, bulldogs, my fiance, my baby boy on the way, family, and enjoying the simple things in life.
  1. Smart ato

  2. Kessil users

    I agree the ai hydra is amazing
  3. Smart ato

    I'm headed to elite aquatics in fort Walton sometime today
  4. Power heads

    2 koralia nano powerhead one needs a magnet plus an additional small power head for 25 bucks
  5. Smart ato

    I have a complete smart ato system with a new Westside magnet for 40 bucks
  6. Kessil users

    I traded these for an ai hydra 52hd so I'm happy now
  7. Kessel aqua tuna light a160ws

  8. Kessel aqua tuna light a160ws

    Will also trade for sps corals and still need a couple powerheads
  9. Kessel aqua tuna light a160ws

    Comes with the light only been ran for a month. Brand new controller and the mounting arm. Asking $250
  10. Kessil users

    I was afraid of that lol
  11. Lighting for Sale

    Do you still have the sb reef light and where are u located?
  12. Kessil users

    Anyone have any experience with the kessil a160we tuna with a controller and trying to keep sps?
  13. Wtb

    Anyone have a 90 cube or 120 gallon rr setup for sale?
  14. 60 gallon innovative marine

    All sold
  15. 60 gallon innovative marine