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    Scuba, boating, and just getting into saltwater tanks
  1. Biocube 14 LED tank system

    I have a Biocube 14 LED tank for sale in Navarre. Included is everything... Has live rock, sand, ricordia mushrooms Even a pair of mated clownfish! They produce a new set of eggs about every three weeks. Must take everything. Asking $200. 78I-8OI-O732
  2. Help! Free stuff!

    I have pcs'd to Portugal and my wife was not able to maintain my fish tanks. She will be moving soon and I am giving them away. Looking for a good home to a 55gal salt tank that used to be beautiful and needs a lot of help. Everything comes with it. Lighting, filter, reactor, heaters, powerheads, etc. All that is left is live rock, ricordia mushrooms, and maybe some green star polyps. She does not have the ability to break down and transport. There is also a 55 gal freshwater tank that is available with a black shark in it. Her name is Nessy, she's about 12", and she likes to play. You will see! Along with this tank comes filter, and heater. I also have a small salt tank that has a pair of mated clowns in it for $50. They produce eggs regularly but I've never tried to save any spawn. They are available as well. Must take all tank occupants, rock, and sand. I want to use this tank in Portugal still. If you take the other tanks then this pair of mated clowns is free! Please, serious inquiries only. This is hard for me to give up, but I'm a long ways from home and the wife isn't able to maintain. Just need them to a good home. Wife, Corey, 781-801-0732. Or nickandcorey@gmail.com Navarre Fl area.