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  1. Powder Blue Tang

    I had one he was a very good fish he would come right up to the glass and follow you around. I could even feed him nori out of my hand. Power blues are great but they can be agressive toward other tangs and like most tangs they are susceptible to ich.
  2. Just thought I would let u know that Petco has there $1 a gallon sale going on right now and lasts till the end of July. I just picked up 2 40 gallon breeders for less than $100 after tax.
  3. Glass Shop

    Low Iron glass can be purchased from hub city glass in crestview.
  4. Moorish Idols are definitely awesome creatures with a cool personality. This one came in really beat up and had lost his streamer and most of his dorsal fin and did not eat for almost a week. Every day when I would come home I was expecting to find him dead but then one day he started picking at flake food and then someone suggested I put a fresh clam in there and he went nuts for it. He ate nothing but clams and muscles for the next week or so and then he stated picking at pellets. Now he eats pellets, flake and rods food as well as clams. Moorish Idols are timid in nature and prefer to pick and graze at their food and are not very aggressive eaters. I have had mine for over a month now and he is a great fish and I would love to see him in the right home. As far as being reef safe I have seen many tanks that have them in a mixed reef environment but I would say reef safe with caution. Mine goes nuts for clams and I read today where they have been known to eat zoanthids but I think it is like most other fish including dwarf angels if you keep them well feed on other things you will probably be safe. A SPS dominated tank or FOWLER would be the perfect environment for them. Moorish Idols are beautiful but are not a fish for just anybody as they need lots of room to swim and pick at the rocks. You would need a tank of at least 6 feet or larger in order to keep one long term. I would love to add this one to my tank but I know my Yellow tang would not stand for it and would most likely kill the Moorish.
  5. I just got in a ton of new corals this week and so many people have been asking about SPS and Frags that I think I was able to find the balance between quality and pricing.. Frags will be Lg in size, either 2 heads or at least 2in depending on colony Pink and Green Millepora Frags $20 Whole Colony aprox 3.5in across $95 Green Digitate Frags $15 or whole colony Aprox 4in across $85 Pink Zoanthids Frags (20-30 polyps) $25 or entire colony ( 100+ polyps) $75 Blastomussa Lavendar and neon green .. extremely nice coral $12 a head or $120 whole.[/b][/size] Blastomussa Red and Green center and one Purple and Green center $40 Fiery Red and Blue Acan sm 6 heads $45 Purple blue and Green Mushroom Rock. Frags for $17 or entire Rock for $55 Red and Green Zoanthid rock $40 or frags for $10 Small Colony Rock, Button polyps, Green Start Polyps, and small Colt coral. $48 Red and Blue Lobo Coral (open brain) $48 Moorish Idol.. Eats like a pig Awesome fish with 8in streamer !! $55 Any of the corals above can be put into a frag pack with a small discount..
  6. Party Rocks

    Me too I wish they would have come in...
  7. Party Rocks

    So I am kicking around the idea of bringing in some "party rocks" loaded with multiple types of Zoanthis and palys polyps. They are basicly your starter biocube all in one. Let me know if there is any interest. Pricing should be in the 125-200 range depending on size and whats on it. There is A lot of life on these guys...
  8. Unique Fish And Corals Coming In This Week

    The shipment comes in on wed night. Sorry that was supposed to be Hammer. not Farmer.
  9. Have allot of unique and a few rarely seen fish and corals coming in. I will post pics as soon as possible XL Blue Carpet Anemone $250 RARE XL Neon Green Carpet Anemone $125 Adorned Wrasse (Halichoeres cosmetus) $50 RARE Dusky Margined wrasse jv (Halichoeres lamarii) $45 RARE Duskey wrasse (Halichoeres annularis) $45 RARE Kuiterrs Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon kuiteri) $75 RARE Leopard Wrasse Black (Macropharyngodon negrosensis) $30 Leopard Wrasse Blue (Macropharynogodon meleagris) Male $45 Leopard Wrasse Red (Macropharynogodon meleagris) Female $40 Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) $50 RARE MOORISH IDOL has been eating for last 2 weeks !! $55 1 Frogspawn purple- $50 1 Frogspawn teal- $50 1 orange zoanthids frags $25 1 Hammer-multi $60 1 Blasto purple green $70 1 Gold torch $50 2 Fungia neon green $35 1 Aussie Elegance $60
  10. Exquisite Reefs Now Has Sps

    All SPS are aquaculture or Maricultured. Meaning they did not go rip it off of a reef somewhere. Sorry I am not ORA.
  11. Exquisite Reefs Now Has Sps

    As stated above the prices given were assuming I was just going to order xyz and hope someone would buy it. If I have a few people who want to get a group order together then I can bring down the prices. The shipping will get split up amongst everyone. I am willing to meet you for delivery and if you don't like what you see you don't have to buy it. I am taking on all the risk here.. If it makes you feel any better I can take pics of the individual pieces when they come in and send them to you. I really want to make this as easy as possible for everyone. I know you work by the airport and I drive by there every morning and evening so I would be happy to meet you.
  12. Exquisite Reefs Now Has Sps

    One box cost $70 up to 100lbs to ship and that cost is fixed. So the more items you put in that box the less the shipping will be per item and then the overall cost can drop.
  13. Exquisite Reefs Now Has Sps

    Absolutely! !
  14. Diy Stand Templete And Instructions

    Yes this design is way over built and if you look at the designs of many commercial tanks it will make you cringe when you look under them and see them holding up a 6ft tank with shoddy construction and almost no supports. If I remember right somewhere in that thread there is an engineering safety build factor given for the stands but I can't remember exactly what it was. I do know that it was way high then needed. I even when a step further and built the entire stand out of 2x6 just because I knew my tank would be in the 3000-3500 lb range and I did not want any problems . The complete product is as sold as a rock! Despite my lack of wood working expertise !
  15. Here is the DIY stand templete that I used for my stand. It was developed by an engineer and the thread for it on RC has literally hundereds of posts and several thousand views. In short it works !! Link to RC thread DIY TANK STAND TEMPLETE The reason for starting this thread is to provide a template for a relatively simple DIY stand design. This design is a compilation of several designs into one place and includes the calculations needed to generate a cut list for any custom design. The basic principle of the design is two box frames connected by four legs. The upper one supports the tank and transfers the load to the legs. The legs are made of several pieces of 2X4 to assist in construction and sheething the stand in plywood for strength and cosmetics. The bottom frame transmits the load of the tank into the floor. Design notes: *The plan for this stand consists of 21 pieces. Like color pieces are the same length and of the same board size. *The box frames are screwed together first, then the legs are built off the bottom frame, the top frame is then placed on top and secured to the legs. *The green pieces are screw strips. These provide limited load strength but serve to make assembly easier and help keep the stand square. *The blue piece between the upper rails (red) works to keep the upper rails from twisting. Ok, now to the cut list: First off: The calculations below are based off of a stand that is "W" inches wide X "D" inches front-to-back X "H" inches high. (2) Red - Upper Rails: Length = W These will be sized according to length: 2X4 for 48" or less for smaller tanks (Rule of thumb is 75g-90g); 2X6 up to 72" with 125g-150g being acceptable; For longer spans and larger tanks 2X8s are recommended. (2) Yellow - Upper Ends: Length = D-3" Theses will be made of the same material as the upper rails. (4) Green - Screw Strips: Length = H-2" These 2X4s are shorter then the tank is tall. ( Purple - Uprights: Length varies: - 2X4 Upper Rails: Length = H -7" - 2X6 Upper Rails: Length = H-9" - 2X8 Upper Rails: Length = H-10.75" These 2X4s support the weight of the tank. The ones on the short sides of the stand provide a flat surface for attaching a plywood facing and while they do provide some strength, they are optional. (2) Orange - Bottom Rails: Length = W These 2X4s act to spread the weight of the tank over a larger area. (3) Blue - Bottom Ends: Length = D-3" Covering the sides of the stand with plywood will help to stiffen the stand against twisting and shifting. Doors can be mounted to the legs as desired. So there it is. 21 pieces in 6 lenghts equals a tank stand that should fit the bill for most people. There are other plans out there but this is a simple design using simple tools and common wood sizes. It may not suit everyone's application but it should fit the bill for most common size tanks. Should someone wish to have me calculate beam strengths for a specific application, PM me with the tank dimensions and I will be happy to run the numbers. Happy building.