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  1. Navarre Reef Live Cam

    Very Cool Site!!! I wonder if they will eventually make it a true live feed. If they do, I will add it to our site.
  2. Yuck!!

    Now that is funny! Been there done that. LOL
  3. Little help

    Did you just add the GFO? That could defintely be the issue...especially if you added too much too fast.
  4. Questions about montipora...

    Both of them are encrusting (primarily).
  5. Little help

    If you decide to use the "Stump Remover" (Potassium Nitrate), it really needs to be spread out over several doses. However, it does NOT really add much to your potassium level (almost none in fact). But it will increase your nitrates. I've used it with good results, but use caution. Happy Reefing.
  6. Little help

    I do not think it is a lighting issue. I would raise your nitrates a bit and check your potassium.
  7. UWF's Saltwater Reef System

    Tried to bring your pictures in with the block tags...Nope didn't work.
  8. Coral FS

    Cube40... I'm in Pensacola.
  9. Coral FS

    Sorry, Richard is right...I was out of town. I'm back and have replied to PMs.
  10. Coral FS

    I had to make a little room in my tank, and have a few really nice frags. (2) reefgen legacy j&l's orchid stylophora ---------------------------> $45 (both frags are multi-branched) (3) Neon Green Birdsnest ----------------------------------------------> $25 and $10 (2) Bird of Paradise ------------------------------------------------------> $20 If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Happy Reefing
  11. New to the forum

    welcome. Look for to your experience.

    If someone out there hasn't had a chance to stop by their new location, you really should... Lots of room... They are still working, but in my opinion this is building up to be one hell of a LFS. The coral selection looks great now and still growing with lots of room to expand. Huge marine fish area and a nice selection of freshwater fish in there own separate fish room. I was really impressed and will definitely be watching the future of this LFS.
  13. Tropical Storm Cindy

    So far so good here. These darn bands keep coming through...so we will see.
  14. FREE sponges and a ????

    I'm interested in the sponges...if they are still available.
  15. 40 gal setup

    Please add your asking price.