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  1. Adding Folks to the Forum

    My bad...I try to go in and validate new registration every couple days or so. But I haven't been on the Admin in a while.
  2. Upgrading Problems

    Ok. I reset our old look until I can get this fixed. I now know how to fix ( I think), but it is going to take some time. So it will have to wait. When I have a few hours to devote to this, I will upgrade the site again. It will also require us to upgrade a few other things.
  3. Upgrading Problems

    I have a support request in. Hopefully IPS can figure it out.
  4. Upgrading Problems

    Upgrades are continuing to cause issue. I will bring back the new look once the upgrades are complete.
  5. Tapatalk

    No problem. I have not been on the site in a while, but I did notice a decrease in traffic.
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm trying to upgrade the site; however, I've run into problems. The site will look different but should work.
  7. Tapatalk

    try again please
  8. Tapatalk

    See if you can use it now. I've updated the package.
  9. Navarre Reef Live Cam

    Very Cool Site!!! I wonder if they will eventually make it a true live feed. If they do, I will add it to our site.
  10. Yuck!!

    Now that is funny! Been there done that. LOL
  11. Little help

    Did you just add the GFO? That could defintely be the issue...especially if you added too much too fast.
  12. Questions about montipora...

    Both of them are encrusting (primarily).
  13. Little help

    If you decide to use the "Stump Remover" (Potassium Nitrate), it really needs to be spread out over several doses. However, it does NOT really add much to your potassium level (almost none in fact). But it will increase your nitrates. I've used it with good results, but use caution. Happy Reefing.
  14. Little help

    I do not think it is a lighting issue. I would raise your nitrates a bit and check your potassium.
  15. UWF's Saltwater Reef System

    Tried to bring your pictures in with the block tags...Nope didn't work.