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  1. First tank

    Looks like you are on your way. It won't be long an you will be looking for a bigger tank. LOL. Tank looks great. Like the rock work. Are you in Pensacola?
  2. Thanks for the add

    Welcome. I've been a little slow lately approving accounts. Sorry if you were waiting long. Look forward to watching your posts.
  3. Where to purchase acrylic locally?

    Creative Acrylics -- In Pensacola Address: 1803 W 9 Mile Rd # B, Pensacola, FL 32534 Phone: (850) 479-8889
  4. I read the article also. I really think there is something missing from the story. I've handled xenia multiple times with no issues. From the looks of the tank in the article, the individual was really new to the hobby. For all we know, he tried to boil the rock?????
  5. Pectinia

    If anyone keeps these corals, Let's see your pictures and any observation you might have seen.
  6. Pectinia

    For those thinking of keeping Pectinia in their tanks. This is a very resilient coral; however, it is also a very aggressive coral. In the picture above, the Space Invader has been in my tanks for about three or four years and was grown from a 1/2" frag. Currently, the coral is about 6 or 7 inches in diameter. The Rainbow has been in my tank for about 1 1/2 years and has colored up a bit, but only grown about 1/2" total. Here are my observations concerning pectinia: Lighting: Moderate to Low seems to work best. Water Flow: Moderate to Low...Lower end works best for me. Placement: Low in tank, at least 6 inches away from any coral, and on a rock that can be easily moved as it grows. Temperament: Very Aggressive. According to online resources the pectinia will put out 3 to 4" sweepers. I've witnessed 6" sweepers on my space invader. This coral is a the bad A$$ on the block and will easily kill anything it touches. I used to have a galaxia and I think I would give it a run for its money on killing. This is why I recommend a movable rock. Water Quality: Standard parameters for 1.026 or 1.025 Salinity marine tank. Of note: this coral really seems to like nitrates in the water column. When I was dosing Potassium Nitrate, this coral was inflated the most I've ever seem. My space invader has tolerated some really big swings in water quality and tank temperature. The exception in Alkalinity. If the alkalinity drops to low this coral will deflate almost completely and start dying shortly after. Feeding: Although not necessary to feed, the coral loves meaty foods similar to other LPS corals. I also think it helps with growth.
  7. Pectinia

    Space Invader Pectinia Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Pectinia

    Rainbow Pectinia Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. Corals corals corals

    I would be interested in Peppermint Shrimp.
  10. Adding Folks to the Forum

    My bad...I try to go in and validate new registration every couple days or so. But I haven't been on the Admin in a while.
  11. Upgrading Problems

    Ok. I reset our old look until I can get this fixed. I now know how to fix ( I think), but it is going to take some time. So it will have to wait. When I have a few hours to devote to this, I will upgrade the site again. It will also require us to upgrade a few other things.
  12. Upgrading Problems

    I have a support request in. Hopefully IPS can figure it out.
  13. Upgrading Problems

    Upgrades are continuing to cause issue. I will bring back the new look once the upgrades are complete.
  14. Tapatalk

    No problem. I have not been on the site in a while, but I did notice a decrease in traffic.
  15. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm trying to upgrade the site; however, I've run into problems. The site will look different but should work.