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  1. I am looking to try to slowly get back in the hobby. I need a few key pieces. Number one is I want a used tank someone is selling that is set up right with sump refugium and that is quiet. Haha don't we all at one time or another. I'm wanting a 40 gallon. WANT to ask what is a good small efficient skimmer. I know this is a personal preference thing, I had a huge octopus skimmer and it was so large I had no room for a refugium. Plus it did not do the best job. Please be specific if you have a recommendation. This is a start. Thanks. In Panama City now moved from Navarre. Miss the contacts over there. Fishdreamz
  2. I wish I was certified!
  3. Just wondering if any of you frequent the jetties. I never have anyone to go with.
  4. Need Opinions

    Coral beauty in my tank never had a problem. Not sure about gobies maybe if they had their own space, but a 55 is quite small. Hard to do with out a sand sifter;) best of luck!
  5. Need Opinions

    Coral beauty in my tank never had a problem.
  6. Was wondering where members favorite snorkeling spot or spots are. The old peir is gone in Navarre. I need to go snorkling!!