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  1. Carpet Anemone

    I can get you a blue carpet if interested. There is a member that I will be shipping some fish to the first of next week if wanting to get one.
  2. Group Buy

    No one?
  3. Group Buy

    If any guys in the area are interested in such to save a little money please let me know. A member in Pensacola will be getting fish next week and would like to ask if any others would be interested in any fish or coral?
  4. Keys Diving

    Ouch, that puts a damper on a few things now doesn't it. I was expecting hermits, snails and urchins to be a get what you can ordeal. Guess I will change my plans a tad for collecting with my guy. I will check Tom out too! I really appreciate the info! Keeps me out of hot water, I know the locals will turn any and everyone in
  5. Keys Diving

    That is a great idea and cheaper than my critter keeper idea. Was going to bring 4 10g rubbermaids for storage as well. I have a diver friend where I get my corals from who will be taking us out, we wanted to snorkel and find others as well on our own. Do you have a site to what is limited with a fishing license? I know a few thins that are a no collect, but would love to know exacts so I do not have an issue.
  6. Keys Diving

    We are looking to go our first time in August. My coral guy is taking me out on a dive to collect my own coral, fish, and inverts. We are going to snorkel around for urchins, crabs, snails, and whatever else we can legally grab. We are first timers, so ANY help is appreciated lol.
  7. Filefish

    Aedwards experienced what many have you have used file fish. They will attack large polyps. Copperband is a fish I would try before a file.
  8. What Confuses Hobbyists.....

    If you guys have issues with small selection on fish and corals locally, maybe we can work something out. I can get just about any fish and coral. Special order would be a week out but can get everything shipped at once. I could come down, a member could meet me somewhere, or I could ship to one member as he can distribute. Just a thought Wish I was a little closer, but if enough people got something, I don't mind coming down, I do have a 4 banger suv
  9. Lighting Swap

    The people replacing bulbs are possibly the guys using the ebay/cheap chinese fixtures. There are good chinese and bad chinese fixtures. CREE LED's work well and I have seen very little problem with those. Bridgelux isn't bad, but I have seen a few more issues with those. Chinese are funny, they will copy many things and 2 factories out of a 1000 will be decent. Of course they will buy and share among each other and sell the exact same equipment. Of course those are the cheap horrible units. Research is your friend on LED's right now. I have been trying to find out how the Marineland fixtures are doing as a whole. I will be using CREE LED's for my tank. CREE does a lot in the home and commercial business and I have a friend that deals with LED's for a living. The returns on CREE are so minimum, it's similar to light bulbs
  10. Lighting Swap

    Everything does.
  11. Lighting Swap

    I think LED's are going to be the way to go for most hobbyist. Only down fall to LED's are depth, but you can strap on a set of 6w stunner LED's to help with your deeper corals IF needed. For the most part, 120pc 1w LED fixtures do well, and if needed bump it to 40pc 3w or even 120pc 3w. The colors pulled from LED's are wild, coral grow extremely well with them, and heat is no more an issue along with power bill. I am going to do a lighting swap form a 250w MH unit to the 119pc 1w LED fixture within 2 months personally. Just something else to look into
  12. Visited Another Store......

    That's sad. We have the same issue here in our area being Columbus, GA. We have a huge military establishment and a large metro area, yet small pet stores that really do nothing for saltwater as a whole. Try looking for a sump, MH lights, etc... I am in the process of expending and opening a local store here and once I do, game over. Not a single store here is clean, not one place can you go to and get everything for a saltwater tank without being ordered, and most of the time people act as if you are hampering their day. Expensive is a good word to use when speaking about most places here on fish, but coral is crazy high. I have the largest coral selection in our area, the cheapest by far, and I am in a small garage type deal. Try going to a local store and them wanting $30 per head of ricordea, or $25 per head of frog/hammer/torch. I just got my account set up for fish and about to buy 9 fish units. With the amount of people located here, it is amazing not one fish store is a true fish store, for now Sounds like I need to move to the panhandle area though