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  1. Pensacola's Water Quality

    thanks for that!!! I always knew it was bad based on my sediment filters and the gunk on them when i change them.
  2. Di Resin

    yeah I generally order from BRS and have really good luck I was just curious if there was anyone local for when I forget and wait a little too long to order. Not to mention I really like to support local when I can.
  3. Di Resin

    ok thank you bit of a drive for some resin but it has been a while since i have been to the batle ship.
  4. Di Resin

    Does anyone know anywhere in pensacola that carries DI resin?
  5. Wipeout!

    im sorry to hear this. I guess that is another bonus for the ecotechs I just wish they were cheaper.
  6. What Is This?

    if you just google cyano or search it on reefcentral there is tons of info already out there. I always fight a little cyano but what has worjed for me is manual removal, keeping my lights fresh, and i carbon dose. Oroginaly I used vodka now i am using vinegar but thinking about when i move upgrading to bio-pellets.
  7. What Is This?

    how old is the tank what are you nitrate and phosphate levels.
  8. What Is This?

    not positive but my guess is cyano.
  9. Best Place To Get Salt?

    for those of you that would like to get salt from aquaria just give them a call they are going to focus on maint accounts for now but will still set up to get salt etc.
  10. December Meeting

    Wish I could have made it. Just too much going on.
  11. December Meeting

    did you say you would have a tank for coral swap?
  12. Best Place To Get Salt?

    I get Salinity brand salt from Aquaria for 89 bucks for 225 gallons at 1.026 It really seams to be a good salt
  13. Opinions On Moving

    well i guess its time to start figuring out whqt to sell and putting up some posts.
  14. ok so i am having a dilemma. I have a 125 gallon mixed reef tank. I will be leaving for two months of training in jan and then shortly after that will be moving possibly as far as CA. i have arangements for a place to store my corals and livestock here until i get established and then have them shipped to me. at first this was my plan for all coral and livestock. Howeve i have started thinking as a few of you that have sean my tank know i have some rather large colonies and some rather large coral covered rocks (my mushroom rock) and the more i think about it the more im bot sure i will be able to afford to ship that kind of weight over night. my next concern is livestock loss of long shipments like that so now my thought is sell all livestock and coral except for one frag of each and more or less start over. How is this sounding for a plan? My next debate is do I start selling stuff now or wait till i get back and be in a rush to clear it out? any insight would be great especially from anyone that has done a long distance move with their tank would be appreciated.
  15. December Meeting

    How are plans coming for the meeting have we tried contacting any vendors or BRS, marinedepot etc about maybe donating some door prizes/drawings?