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  1. FREE 3 Yellowtail Damsels

    Rehomed to a LFS. Please close.
  2. FREE 3 Yellowtail Damsels

    They're mean little SOBs, but the upside is they've gone thru QT. Need them gone in the next few days, or they go to a LFS. Located in Navarre, but willing to travel as far as FWB or Gulf Breeze in order to rehome them.
  3. FREE 3 Yellowtail Damsels

    Still available!
  4. Small tanks for sale

    I have some excess small tanks I need to sell: 10 gal = $10 20 Tall = $20 20 Long = $20 29 gal = $30 40 breeder = $40 All are Aqueon brand and like new. Tank only. Located in Navarre.
  5. DK Reef Treasures

    Finally got a chance to swing by this LFS today. Lots of corals, good prices, I picked up a couple of nice hammer frags. They also had a beautiful Pintail Fairy Wrasse for only $100 (I already have one). That is a crazy good price for such a nice wrasse! I highly recommend checking this place out!
  6. Wth or trade for a zebrasoma tang

    You’d probably have better luck with a Foxface, or Tech M Is known to contain an impurity which usually eradicates bryopsis. Worked for me just a few months back.
  7. WTB: 55 gal w/stand

    Got what I needed. This thread can be closed.
  8. WTB: 55 gal w/stand

    Looking for a standard 55 gallon tank (48x12x20) and stand. Don't need anything else, just the tank & stand. This will primarily be used as a holding/observation tank, so the stand doesn't have to be pretty and the tank just needs to hold water.
  9. SB's first Sunday...... October

    Looking forward to it!
  10. Bleaching liverock

    Bleach will eventually 100% evaporate, only leaving a salt-like residue (harmless) behind. If you wanted to pull it out of the rock quicker... soak it in RODI, run a circulation pump and use some sodium thiosulfate to neutralize the chlorine. Chlor Out (available at most pool supply places) contains sodium thiosulfate and is safe to use:
  11. Aquarium equipment yard sale 9/15

    What size tanks/stands?
  12. WTB: 55 gal w/stand

    PMs sent
  13. Are you ready?

    How late will you be open tomorrow (Friday)? Wife & I will be in Pensacola tomorrow evening, and would like to finally see your store.
  14. That would be a safer way of doing this. Just keep the "new rock" in a sterilite container with circulation and a heater.
  15. So long as you keep the rock submerged in water during transport, everything should be fine. Sometimes a mini-cycle (brief ammonia spike) can occur when you disturb a tank like this, but an ammonia alert badge and some Prime will cover you if that happens. The main thing I would be worried about is does this rock come with any coral pests or encysted stages of fish diseases (like ich or velvet).
  16. Frag Friday

    Are these specials only available on Fridays? Is there a new/different special every Friday?
  17. Sbreef ultra leds intensity

    I'm just gonna say I hate LEDs because of having to always fiddle with the settings to dial in the channels just right. (And I have 11 tanks with various LED fixtures.) Someday I'm going back to T5s and/or halides, just change the bulbs every 12 months and call it a day.
  18. First coral

    ^^ Agree; but go with some nice Ricordeas or something. Those don't seem to spread as quickly & detach/roll around.
  19. Bluewater Zoo

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for this LFS in FWB. Their SW selection isn't the biggest, but fish & inverts are nice/reasonably priced. The owners are kind and personable. I really like that they sell live blackworms, which is great for getting finicky new fish to eat.
  20. First tank

    Nice looking tank!
  21. Ricordeas available

    I'll take them unless they're already spoken for.
  22. Looking for chaeto

    Please let me know if you have any to sell, or have seen any for sale at a Pensacola or Fort Walton LFS. TIA
  23. Looking for chaeto

    Thanks Keith, we need to gtg soon man.