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  1. My 100 Gallon

    That's a nice looking tank!
  2. Sealing plywood

    Long story short, I am stacking quarantine tanks on these: However, I’m not comfortable putting the tanks directly on the metal grating so I plan to use 3/4” plywood all the way across to more evenly distribute the weight. Obviously, the bare plywood will not last long if it comes into contact with saltwater; so I’m looking for a cost effective sealer to use on it. I like using this varnish on my “good stands”, but it will get kinda expensive using it on plywood:
  3. Sealing plywood

    Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!
  4. Sealing plywood

    Based upon my calculations, I could seal 2 sheets of plywood using the marine varnish I linked above. 4X8 sheet of plywood = 32 sq ft X 2 (both sides) = 64 sq ft (or 128 sq ft for 2 sheets) At $13.57 per quart, it would cost me $6.78 to seal a $32 sheet of plywood if I went this route. Just curious to know if there are more cost effective options to consider. TIA
  5. Genicanthus spp. (Bellus, Watanabei, Spotbreast) are gonna be your best bet because they are primarily planktivores by nature. I can't say I've never seen one nip, but at least their small mouth seems to limit the damage they can inflict. But it's just a nip out of curiosity (I think) or to eat algae growing on a rock, because they will usually just move on afterwards. Regals will sometimes nip at LPS and clams, but generally leave SPS and soft corals alone. All other angels are hit or miss IME, especially the dwarfs. With the latter it seems to take 2-3 years sometimes before they develop a taste for corals.
  6. A Rock Beauty Angel will eat them, but he'll probably also eat most of your corals.
  7. Salt Mixes

    I'm a big fan of Oceanic salt, although it can be hard to get sometimes. Most batches test at: Alk 8.5, Cal 580, Mag 1650. Cuts down somewhat on dosing; you can always add baking soda if you desire higher alkalinity. For fish only, I just use Instant Ocean. FWIW; IO isn't bad reef salt if you just bump up the calcium by adding Calcium Chloride.
  8. Starting a new swtup and quarintine swtup

    Different 40 breeder than your fish QT, right? Just checkin'
  9. Adding Folks to the Forum

    Thanks for the help @HolleyN with getting added.
  10. Thanks for the add

    My wife & I hope to be moving to Navarre soon, so I just wanted to reach out and say hello to the local reefing community here. Also, if anyone knows of a house for rent that would be OK with multiple aquariums please let me know. We'd like to rent for a year or two before buying.