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  1. Tank break down gone

  2. Algae

    Getting ready to trim out both tanks have three different kinds of algae including a lot of cheato culerpa and one other can’t remember the name but it blue all three are extremely healthy and fast growing if interested let me know no pests full of pods 10 a bag full
  3. Algae

    ok everyone free algae I have a lot of it I just trimmed out of our tanks pest free no aptasia don’t want to throw away you have 3 hrs 8507480255
  4. Calcium Reactor

    Interested in it would you take 150
  5. One ai hydra 52 led

    Up for grabs is one ai hydra 52 I had a set using only one light is not hd version and only been ran 8 months before going to Kessil light is 150 cash only
  6. Sold

    Up for grabs is 2 brand new in the box reef brites blue not xho just
  7. T5 bulbs ballasts and endcaps

    Up for grabs is 6 new t5 ho bulbs all are 24” with ballasts and end caps with snap on reflectors available they are packed up nice and neat I also have other lights available 8507480255 text is best best offer or trade for coral
  8. Elite aquatics

    Yes Jeff is a great guy to deal with I like all the bargains he gives me when I buy bulk amounts
  9. Elite aquatics

    Just got back from a successful visit picked up a very nice jf beachbum monti and a wwc grafted cap thanks Jeff for the deal of the century
  10. Ai sol blues x3

    Up for grabs is three ai sol blue leds all three work 2 need new power cords hence the big price break they might be older there are two I know have 2 years use at 52% and one less than a years use on it at 52% asking 150 for all three with controller 8507480255
  11. Kessil users

    I use the ap700 it is amazing light fixture
  12. Please delete already found one

    I am looking for a good used sump or refugium at a fair price
  13. Wtt dry rock

    Got any pics
  14. SOLD

  15. As the title says just need to borrow a soldering iron and some wire solder for literally 20 Minutes have to fix some wire on a plug
  16. Need to borrow a soldering iron to fix 2 wires

    Pace would be closer to me I would definitely appreciate it
  17. Dc pump choices

    If he doesn't jump on it let me know
  18. Green paly frag

    You for grabs is a beautiful frag of green paly these retail anywhere from 60 to 75 each there is 3 large and a baby coming in very healthy if interested make offer won't let me upload photos text for info 8507480255
  19. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    When's a good time to meet up
  20. Wtb small media reactor

    As the title says just looking for a small media reactor
  21. Wtb mag 3.5 or something compatible

    I need a mag 3.5 if any one has one hit me up please 8507480255
  22. What is this and how do you get rid of

    Also feeds off of high amounts of nutrients cut back on feeding and length of time lights run full power
  23. Chaeto

    His name is Roger and his email is Rog2961@gmail.com very good seller bought slot of his algae
  24. Corals corals corals

    Ok guys I am not a vendor by any means but I have the ability to get a rather large coral order In from a partner and friend I am also bringing us some much needed cleanup crew at a deeply discounted you won t believe these prices till you see them if he has it what would any of you all be looking for
  25. Corals corals corals

    Pepper mint shrimp are extremely cheap buddy I am just going to go out on a limb me and my son are placing a 700 order we are bringing in slot of clean up crews snails shrimps and all I couldn't pass up a deal cleaner shrimp for 15 there like 40 at the stores. Bit the crown jewels are I got a griffiss angelfish and clarion