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  1. My 100 Gallon

    Named ZB Cloud No frags yet. I want to grow it out and see what it looks like as a nice mini before I chop a frag off. Maybe this summer.
  2. My 100 Gallon

    Here is my 65 Gallon. My other light will be delivered today so I will take some pictures of whats going on inside the tank.
  3. My 100 Gallon

    New FTS.
  4. Help identify this

    Hard to tell from the pic but look up plating coraline algae.
  5. My 100 Gallon

    Some eye candy from tonight.
  6. My 100 Gallon

    All of my tanks are always barebottom. Coralline covers the bottom eventually and corals encrust over it. Easier to clean and have high flow.
  7. My 100 Gallon

    Updated FTS
  8. My 100 Gallon

    Left island. middle valley Right island.
  9. My 100 Gallon

    I love this coral so much.
  10. My 100 Gallon

    Some side shots and my new Scopas.
  11. I am all set on heaters now. Thanks guys! jcc- not at the moment.
  12. I am switching tanks and need to have my livestock in tubs while I fill the new tank. Thinking sat-sun. Thanks in advance!
  13. Can I swing by after work one day this week to pick it up?
  14. My guy has killed nearly all of my asterinas and I need to start looking for him a new home. Would prefer to trade for something colorful (coral).
  15. Anyone looking for the services of a Halequin Shrimp?

    It’s yours. Hit me up via text. If you don’t have my number, let me know.
  16. Interest in Hydnophora?

    If there is anyone who would like any, I would be willing to cut a couple frags off this beautiful hydnophora. Very hardy and fast growing coral that provides nice movement and great color. This particular one does not extend sweepers but will still need a good 2-3" around it to be safe. Frags will be $10 Let me know if there is any interest.
  17. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    Thats pretty awesome!
  18. Interest in Hydnophora?

    All sold for now.
  19. Interest in Hydnophora?

    Yeah I can cut you one
  20. Interest in Hydnophora?

    Sounds good to me on the trade. Let me know when you want to swing by. Hydno is bulletproof so it doesnt really need to heal or anything but if you want me to cut a piece and mount it and let it heal i can or i can cut a branch when you come and you can mount it in your tank without a plug. Just let me know.
  21. Interest in Hydnophora?

    I am in Cantonment near Kingsfield Rd. and 297a
  22. Interest in Hydnophora?

    Will also consider trades for something I dont have.
  23. My 100 Gallon

    It's been a month since my last update so I figured I'd post a few pics.
  24. blue mushrooms, coral wars, need advice.

    If the rock is buried at all in the sand, it could be a problem when you pull it out if the sand gets disturbed. As long as you are confident the rock you are using to replace your current rock is cured and you don't disturb the sand bed, you can likely pull it off.