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  1. Bio pellet reactor

    Never used one but from what I have read, go slow
  2. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Good deal, You can try supplementing with kalk now if that's still the wish. Just mix it in your top off reservoir and make sure the ato line is in an area of high flow away from corals and fish. (and heaters too, my personal preference)
  3. Sounds like an ok plan. 10 is not bad for nitrates though. and .02 for phosphates is about where lots of people try to keep theirs With the numbers you are describing I would not fool with the MarinePure. You may wish to look into vinegar dosing instead of vodka same premise as vodka , mainly because it is not as potent and could be easier to dial in your dose.
  4. 180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

    looking good Dude
  5. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Get everything back on track?
  6. Kessil users

    People have done it. I think most had them turned up pretty high. I've always used the 360 so not a ton of help. From what I've seen the 160 is mainly used in Lps/softie nanos with maybe some low light sps up high. Or for shimmer supplement.
  7. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Magnesium first. Then slowly bring up the Alkalinity. And yeah keep an eye on calcium. It could still use a small bump too
  8. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Need to dose around 1/2 as much magnesium as you did the first time. Once magnesium is up the other numbers will improve with dosing
  9. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    With those numbers I am 90% sure a 4 DKH is not possible. Yes that would have skewed the results If calcium is at 480 then you need to stop dosing calcium too
  10. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    What are the other parameters. Pretty sure 4 isn't possible.
  11. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Getting there. Slow and steady to keep from upsetting the stuff you have now is best.
  12. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    No Problem, Keep us updated on how it goes.
  13. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Only way to know that is with regular testing. You can add kalk to the top off water now, while you are bringing the numbers up to see if it helps keep up with the corals usage while you are raising the parameters. Once you get the parameters in check try to test every few days and adjust the amount of kalk you add to the top off to keep the numbers pretty steady. Remember though that once you reach the 2teaspoons of kalk powder per gallon of rodi then you are maxed out with kalk and will be needing to start dosing 2 part to keep parameters in check.
  14. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Try not to overlap. That plan sounds ok
  15. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Do you do regular water changes on the tank? If so the yes - epsom salt is a decent magnesium supplement. Its magnesium sulfide. The sulfides can build up in a tank without water changes, unknown if it will cause an issue or not but best to keep up with water changes. Make sure the epsom salt is just plain and not scented or anything. Should be pretty cheap. I come up with a little over 1000g of mag sulfate to get mag up to 1320 in a 150 gallon tank. Higher is fine, up to around 1450 to 1500ppm mag. Above that some stuff might not like it. You can dose the mixed magnesium dose fairly fast, a fast drip would be ideal. Dose it first then the other supplements
  16. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    You need to raise Magnesium to over 1300 or you are wasting your time. Those are total numbers. I would suggest dosing 1/3 of the calcium solution each day (drip method would be great) and 1/3 of the Alk solution each nigh (drip method preferred)
  17. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    ok assumptions 150 gallon water volume ASSUMING that Magnesium levels are in correct range calcium currently 340ppm alkalinity currently 6.0 DKH AKL desired 7.8 DKH Calcium Desired - 400ppm Supplements used Alk - Baking Soda Calcium - Calcium Chloride 25 teaspoons of calcium chloride dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to ~400ppm 6.5 teaspoons of baking soda dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to 7.8DKH All that said, dose those 2 solutions slowly over a few days
  18. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    looks like Bif is/was using Damp Rid for his calcium part
  19. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    Pool Calcium is what I used in a pinch (of all things Clorox brand Calcium Hardness Is what I think I used). Just have to check the materials label and really research is to be safe. OR, just order some on BRS and use baking soda for ALK. If the Boss is wanting to use the Kalk then definitely use the Kalk, but you might still need to use some 2 part to keep parameters in check.
  20. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    best way to help is to know your tanks alkalinity demand. You can fully saturate the ATO top off water for a 150 and that shouldn't be a problem. Kalk is a light demand supplement, once demand goes higher you are pretty much forced to go with either 2 part or a calcium reactor. For the inhabitants you describe I would think you could get away with only Kalk at least until they get to colony sized pieces. Kalk is not for raising ALK or Calcium but for supplementing them. So you will need to dose the tank parameters back in line (SLOWLY OVER SEVERAL DAYS/WEEKS) with 2 part or water changes and then add Kalk to the ATO as a supplement to keep parameters up. FYI - 1 gallon of Kalkwasser fully saturated in 150 gallons of water volume is ~5ppm calcium and 0.8 DKH Alkalinity.
  21. Kalkwasser Dosing?

    if you can test and judge your rates by Alkalinity tests, much easier to see changes than with calcium testing. Kalk is what you might call balanced 2 part. PH testing - if you want to then go for it but its not really needed, other than to avoid the spikes you get when dosing. If possible a slow drip of Kalk is prefered. If your dosing pump is small/slow enough then this will work fine, otherwise does into a highflow area away from corals and fish if possible. The maximum saturation of 1 gallon of water to kalk-water is 2 tsp per gallon - this is the water you are dosing NOT the tank volume. You can get more to disolve but it takes some special considerations.
  22. Holley-Navarre Water

    I have lived in a few different water systems in the area and all the water from the tap has always tested pretty dang good. My current one is abount 60ppm tds out of the tap, i wondered why my DI was lasting so long and if my tds meter was bad after I moved so I bought a new one and confirmed it. 60 TDS in, 0 TDS after 2 sediment filters, 1 carbon and RO filter (I run the 150gpd kit from BRS so the waste from one RO goes into the second then joins back to the DI canisters) and obviously 0 TDS after dual DI. My water in Niceville/Valparaiso was around 120-130 TDS from the tap, same setup got it to 1-2TDS before the DI canisters. I had a TDS "wand" tester that I gave a friend in Illinois, I thought it went bad or something after she used it the first time, found out it was still accurate. Her TDS tested out of the tap at close to 400PPM, another friends in the same area was just as bad and others I know have even worse.
  23. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Glad to see you are moving ahead steadily. I need to get back going on my build.
  24. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    All sold.
  25. I have a couple things I am not going to need for the new build and figured I would offer them here first. 3 "sets" of LET 24" T5 setups (ballast, 4 waterproof endcaps, 2 mirro reflectors and wiring) The wiring harness has been shortened a little but there is still lots of wire for plenty of mounting options. These three "sets" will get you a 6 bulb T5 setup with the ability to turn on 2 bulbs at a time for a nice dusk/dawn effect. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/t5-ho-miro-4-retrofit-kit-let-lighting.html New $120 each set, asking $75 each set, $200 if you buy all 3 sets. I have bulbs that I will throw in with the setup but they have 12 months of use on them so they are more for verifying that everything is wired right than reef use at this point. Vortech Mp10WES - still in great shape, these are not the newest Quiet Drive but most can tell you the QD doesn't really lessen sound much on the 10 size. https://www.marinedepot.com/EcoTech_Marine_VorTech_MP10wES_Propeller_Pump_w_Wireless_EcoSMART_Driver_Adjustable_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-EcoTech_Marine-EM1253-FIPHAD-vi.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhrzLBRC3ARIsAPmhsnWbuXdm5sbo3itHbhVb2J6x3IQ9vE9qjxcrQojh5fg4fhw9_ZTTVu4aAoRMEALw_wcB $100 each I can arrange pickup in Valparaiso (North of Fort Walton just a short way,beside Niceville)