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  1. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    All sold.
  2. I have a couple things I am not going to need for the new build and figured I would offer them here first. 3 "sets" of LET 24" T5 setups (ballast, 4 waterproof endcaps, 2 mirro reflectors and wiring) The wiring harness has been shortened a little but there is still lots of wire for plenty of mounting options. These three "sets" will get you a 6 bulb T5 setup with the ability to turn on 2 bulbs at a time for a nice dusk/dawn effect. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/t5-ho-miro-4-retrofit-kit-let-lighting.html New $120 each set, asking $75 each set, $200 if you buy all 3 sets. I have bulbs that I will throw in with the setup but they have 12 months of use on them so they are more for verifying that everything is wired right than reef use at this point. Vortech Mp10WES - still in great shape, these are not the newest Quiet Drive but most can tell you the QD doesn't really lessen sound much on the 10 size. https://www.marinedepot.com/EcoTech_Marine_VorTech_MP10wES_Propeller_Pump_w_Wireless_EcoSMART_Driver_Adjustable_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-EcoTech_Marine-EM1253-FIPHAD-vi.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhrzLBRC3ARIsAPmhsnWbuXdm5sbo3itHbhVb2J6x3IQ9vE9qjxcrQojh5fg4fhw9_ZTTVu4aAoRMEALw_wcB $100 each I can arrange pickup in Valparaiso (North of Fort Walton just a short way,beside Niceville)
  3. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Just keep an eye on the snails or crabs in your system and keep them in the area they are supposed to be in. They seem fond of getting on float valves like those and holding them down.
  4. Dc pump choices

    Here is what I have heard (not researched so take with a grain of salt) as of a few years ago 95% of the DC motor blocks used in aquarium pumps were all made in the same factory and just the controller and casing/impeller varied from brand to brand. So basically a 6000gph DC pump was the same across the board. Red Dragon pumps out of Germany were ones that were made, I think in Germany from scratch. I have a friend running one of the the biggest of the Jeabo dc pumps and has been for several years now, not a hiccup. BUT I also have heard from people where theirs was dead out of the box or died a year or 2 after use. To me that means the QC on the pumps is lacking and you are rolling the dice on how good of a one you are getting. All that said, I would suggest the SKIMZ and buy it through somewhere with a good return policy. if you go with the Jeabo then maybe get 2 and after testing keep one for a backup.
  5. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    I can meet anytime this weekend. Work in DeFuniak, Monday through Thursday
  6. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Heard both schools of thought on this, I don't see how it could hurt. Looking good so far.
  7. Yes, you read that right. I bought a 240 gallon tank. 8'x2'x2' standard dimension tank. Does not have built in overflows (that's a plus since I want a slim internal box and a BeanAnimal style drain system). Tank is pretty much scratch free. Going to do some cleaning one day soon to see which side is going to become the front. This is going to be a slow build since I am also remodeling a house right now for a move. The tank won't be setup till I am close to the big move. Hopefully I can get it setup for a few weeks and have it cycling before I move the current tank into that system. Equipment plans currently: Lighting - Thinking seriously about 2 - 6 bulb 4' long T5 fixtures along the back part of the tank and 3 - Kessil 360we's across the front slightly angled toward the back. The bracing does not lend itself to single point lighting to well, so the T5s will be the main lighting and the Kessils mainly for night viewing and some shimmer. (this may change drastically before the tank is setup) Return - seeing all the locals with the Varios 6 pump, I am thinking about going with the Varios 8, looks like it will be a good fit, also planning on tank end of the return lines going into 1" SeaSwirls. Skimmer - Reuse my Vertex 180i until the bio load becomes an issue. Undecided on final skimmer, might go with a Lifereef Sump(s) - Need to measure the "fish room" adjacent to the tank but it appears I can comfortably fit 2 of the rubbermaid stock tanks, One will be a dedicated refugium the second as a skimmer and return pump and whatever other equipment i throw at this beast. Stand - Reuse the existing stank so long as it passes my inspection (I will likely add a sheet of foam insulation between the stand and the tank for peace of mind) Rock/Sand - Mixture of BRS Pukani and TBS cultured rock (about 50lbs of their rock to seed the dry rock) Flow/Powerheads - For now I have a spare Mp40 and a Gyre 130 and some other misc powerheads that should provide enough flow. Will likely try 2 of the Jeabo WP60 (or whatever is their MP60 equivalent) in the future. Possibly try one of the new Maxspect Gyre 280 models. a couple pics MP40 on the end of the tank for scale, that's a Gyre 130 on the side too. Thanks to Lobstergrabber (Richard) for his help getting the tank home. zT0tzKG8 miRcrWSE
  8. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Nothing new to show right now. hoping to get some friends by this week to move the tank off the stand than add the foam and get the tank back on the stand, then I can start the plumbing. I did check the gap between the tank and the stand and its small enough that the thinnest part of a wood shim wouldn't fit so the foam should more than suffice in feeling the weight evenly distributed.
  9. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    The last of my order from BRS made it last night. 100 lbs of Pukani dry rock 2016 Apex Apex Auto Top Off Kit New RO/DI filters and a few other odds and ends One of which was a new pressure gauge for my RODI, funny thing is the water system i am on now is tiny compared to Valp BUT - the TDS is a good 50ppm lower and the pressure is a good 15psi higher and I am on the end of the line for this water system. No wonder my RODI has been working so fast.
  10. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Mine showed up last night too. Always a good time to stock up when that sale is going on.
  11. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    I have a sheet of that same stuff. Was just going to go without it till I saw the gap. Better safe than sorry with this much water.
  12. Sealing plywood

    I always just use multiple coats of Kiltz primer and sealer
  13. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Got some work friends to come by last night and moved the 240 onto the stand. Was happy to see it in place. THEN, I start looking a little closer and there is a gap between the bottom of the tank frame and the stand along a good portion of the front and back glass. Now I get to arrange help again to get the tank off the stand, add foam and then set the tank back on top of the stand. I had been debating on the foam before getting them to come by and ended up thinking it wouldn't be needed...guess I should have went with my original plan that included the foam. IMG_20171129_173110 by drauka99, on Flickr That thin line between the black frame and the wood is the gap at its worst.
  14. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    They work great. Just to small for my tank.
  15. MP10 WES and LET 24" T5 Retrofit Kits

    I do, I think Richard was running 4 bulbs on that 45 cube an a Onyx fixture, 6 would be plenty of light for anything.
  16. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Thanks again to Lobstergrabber (Richard) for coming up to the middle of nowhere and helping build a stand on Saturday. IMG_20171104_125924 by drauka99, on Flickr got one coat of primmer/paint on it on Sunday. Stand will be skinned in oak and stained to match the rest of the trim in the house. IMG_20171105_130651 by drauka99, on Flickr All lumber is 2" x 8". The plywood is 3/4". To say it is built like a tank might be an understatement.
  17. What is this and how do you get rid of

    Looks like cyano
  18. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    So with the 93 busting a seam I am moving ahead with the 240 build a bit faster than I had hoped. (I was considering ordering a custom tank instead or a 180) I ordered the overflow box. the company has a new kit that was just coming on the market when I was looking before. When I emailed them my questions and requests they basiclly said - here's the new model that covers all those ideas. Modular Marine 3600gph overflow - 36" internal box This weekends plans include some repair on a big sump I have, placing stabilizing stands under my house (off grade residence) where the tank and sump is going, and possibly beginning the stand build. Most of the stuff I need to do the build wont be here till next week so I might as well knock out what I can.
  19. Some background first, My first "reef" tank was a 55 with tons of problems. Canister filters, wet dry sump, power compact lighting, tap water. Surprisingly this tank did well for almost a year before bubble algae took it over. I had been keeping both tank for several years prior to this and was honestly just burnt out aquariums at that point so I shut down that tank and moved on from the hobby for a while. A couple years later, while visiting friends I happened across a closeout deal on a 24 gallon bio-cube. At this point I had read much much more of reefkeeping and realized most of my mistakes I had made on the 55. I went all out on this tiny tank and kept it for a few years. During a move I inadvertently cracked the back panel on this tank and had to make a change and fast. Having learned from mistakes made on the 24 setup I moved ahead with the change out. I ordered a 40 Breeder locally and had it drilled for 2 internal corner overflows. I ran this tank for some time and finances and personal things got in the way of me taking care of this tank. Fast forward a few years and I have been bitten by the bug again. I still had my 40 Breeder and a bucket full of plumbing parts and a few other odds and ends from the last build but I vowed to take my time this time and make everything not only look nice but work well. For the past couple months I have been slowly building a stand and gathering parts. At this point the stand is about 90% done and I have about 75% of the stuff I need to get it running. That "working well" portion of the build has involved lots of planing, research and thinking about how would be the easiest way to accomplish some things. Now for a few pics, the initial plan A 40 Breeder over a 40 Breeder sump with a 20 Long for ATO. Once this basic layout was built I added lots of brace pieces to strengthen the connections. Luckily I work with structural engineers and I ran some ideas past him and he assures me the stand is way overbuilt with the bracing. the bones (this is before the bracing was added) A mock up before adding the removable front panel and staining everything. As it sits right now. I am letting some the the stain smell dissipate before I move it inside, shim the stand and complete the plumbing. This is going to take a few weeks since I am going on vacation and am waiting on a sump baffle kit from a friend.
  20. I have an overflow for the 240 I bought a while back ordered and have talked to a glass shop about drilling the holes. For the price its worth it for me to let them do it, since they are experienced. I do think I am going to build a stand for the 240, the one that came with it is a normal freshwater stand and is only 2' tall or maybe 28". I want closer to 36" height. Plus that helps with plumbing into the other room. Thanks, Richard and Aaron, I'll let y'all know if I need a hand.
  21. Update #1 Rhomboid jumped the first night after the move. I had left the screen top at the other house and figured i would be ok for one night. I was wrong. Update #2 As of Halloween the 93 Cube is no more. At 5:45 am as i was driving to work and my Apex sent me an alert that the tank temp had dropped. I had refilled the ATO that morning and just figured that I had moved the temp probe and it was out of the water. I have a camera on the tank that I can access remotely so once i got to the office I logged into the camera and was able to see that the tank seam had popped. The temp drop was from the sump emptying. I was able to leave work quickly and got home to the MP40s splashing water everywhere and the tank still leaking from the seam. I rushed and setup a 20 long I have as an emergency tank with the water left in the tank and about 1/2 of the rock. All the fish and inverts seem to have made it. I dried the floor with towels and have fans galore drying everything out. Also have a window ac in there turned down to help dry out the air. I was lucky to have a mixing barrel with some mixed SW in it and was able to throw the rest of my rock in there to keep it cycled. I do not think I will have a rimless tank ever again. I had worried about the seam that popped in the past but I had brushed it off as paranoia. Right now i am trying to decide how I want to proceed with the replacement. i didn't want to be rushed but a 20long isn't a long term solution for the fish I have.
  22. Hanna for the win on ALK (which will be the parameter you test most) Don't touch the Hanna Calcium with a 10' pole IMHO - better bet is to use Salifert or Red Sea test kit Magnesium - Salifert all the way for me, Red Sea isn't bad but takes longer Phosphates - if you just HAVE to test go with the Phosphorus Hanna Checker Nitrates - Salifert is quick and easy for the accuracy we need After much bouncing around my kit is Alkalinity - Hanna Calcium - Red Sea Magnesium - Salifert Phosphates - Hanna (that never gets used) Nitrates - Salifert All that said, I will probably be on the other first pre-orders for the Apex Trident tester when it goes on sale.
  23. 75 to 150 Doing to Great!

    Congrats on the upgrade! Glad it is going smoothly.
  24. Starting a new swtup and quarintine swtup

    It always draws you back in
  25. Adding Folks to the Forum

    Welcome to the Forum, @Humblefish