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  1. Scary, I have almost resigned myself to the idea that I will never have a disease free tank. Just to many chances for something to be introduced or it going dormant to only re-emerge later. To quote a movie line I seem to recall (I don't remember the movie name, maybe Prometheus), "Life will find a way."
  2. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Nice, Looks really good.
  3. So many stars

    Years ago, my first tank was setup with "real" live rock. When you would feed the tank the rock work would turn "fuzzy" it was all the serpent star legs poking out of the rock holes trying to grab a bit of food.
  4. 75 gallon mixed reef build.

    75s are a nice sized tank. Nice "simple" setup. You like the algae scrubber?
  5. So many stars

    always been good in my tanks, good detritus eaters
  6. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Oh and apparently one of my Fire Shrimp did make it through the long sabbatical in the counter top 20 long. Also added 3 bangai cardinals a week ago and a helfrichi firefish this weekend. Everyone is doing well. The tank does have a pretty bad algae bloom going. Also bryopsis on the rock my GF brought with her. SO... will be dosing flucanozole in a bit to see if we can knock that out and possibly help with the hair algae too.
  7. Yes, you read that right. I bought a 240 gallon tank. 8'x2'x2' standard dimension tank. Does not have built in overflows (that's a plus since I want a slim internal box and a BeanAnimal style drain system). Tank is pretty much scratch free. Going to do some cleaning one day soon to see which side is going to become the front. This is going to be a slow build since I am also remodeling a house right now for a move. The tank won't be setup till I am close to the big move. Hopefully I can get it setup for a few weeks and have it cycling before I move the current tank into that system. Equipment plans currently: Lighting - Thinking seriously about 2 - 6 bulb 4' long T5 fixtures along the back part of the tank and 3 - Kessil 360we's across the front slightly angled toward the back. The bracing does not lend itself to single point lighting to well, so the T5s will be the main lighting and the Kessils mainly for night viewing and some shimmer. (this may change drastically before the tank is setup) Return - seeing all the locals with the Varios 6 pump, I am thinking about going with the Varios 8, looks like it will be a good fit, also planning on tank end of the return lines going into 1" SeaSwirls. Skimmer - Reuse my Vertex 180i until the bio load becomes an issue. Undecided on final skimmer, might go with a Lifereef Sump(s) - Need to measure the "fish room" adjacent to the tank but it appears I can comfortably fit 2 of the rubbermaid stock tanks, One will be a dedicated refugium the second as a skimmer and return pump and whatever other equipment i throw at this beast. Stand - Reuse the existing stank so long as it passes my inspection (I will likely add a sheet of foam insulation between the stand and the tank for peace of mind) Rock/Sand - Mixture of BRS Pukani and TBS cultured rock (about 50lbs of their rock to seed the dry rock) Flow/Powerheads - For now I have a spare Mp40 and a Gyre 130 and some other misc powerheads that should provide enough flow. Will likely try 2 of the Jeabo WP60 (or whatever is their MP60 equivalent) in the future. Possibly try one of the new Maxspect Gyre 280 models. a couple pics MP40 on the end of the tank for scale, that's a Gyre 130 on the side too. Thanks to Lobstergrabber (Richard) for his help getting the tank home. zT0tzKG8 miRcrWSE
  8. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Did the second water change with they system in place. Takes 45 minutes to do a 45 gallon change. That could theoretically be cut in half with me refilling as the sipon was pulling water out but 1 gallon a minute total time seems fair to me and with no buckets its mostly just watching the water levels. Just a few hoses and flipping a few switches
  9. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Did a 45 gallon water change on Sunday afternoon. The best part.... NO BUCKETS!!!! Setup one of the switches on the APEX breakout box to turn off the return pumps, heater and skimmers. Mixed and warmed up ~55 gallons of new saltwater in the #2 barrel, turned on the mixing pump with the other switch on my APEX breakout box. Calculated after the water level settled to where the water line would be on the display for the 45 gallon change, Hooked up the Phyton water change hose to a faucet and pulled out water to the line. Shut that off. Flipped off the mixing pump and hooked up a hose to the pump out port on the mixing station. Flipped a few valves, filled the sump to where I was comfortable and then switched back on the returns with the same switch that turned them off (the skimmers and such are on a delayed start). Once I hit my normal sump level I flipped the mixing pump switch off and flipped a few valves to refill the mixing barrel. Did that with one more flip of a switch and then put everything away. Tonight I'll get the rodi barrel completely refilled and be ready for another water change when its time. A few kinks that need to be worked out but for that large of a water change it went very smoothly and probably took less than an hour. I'll time it next time. 45 gallons is about 15% of the total system volume.
  10. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Few more updates. Tank is running with salt. Upped the Varios 8s to setting #2 on the 1-5 (5 max) they only pull about 44 watts each and move a lot of water. Hung the lights over the weekend. I like them. 2018-07-09_12-38-25 by drauka99, on Flickr Also got the mixing station plumbed. Using an external pump, can direct the flow into either barrel to either mix or move water as needed. Should be able to do some water changes pretty fast. 2018-07-09_12-41-33 by drauka99, on Flickr the barrels are completely open top so i can remove the lid and dump in salt easily or inspect the inside of the barrels easily from a step stool.
  11. Revamped my reef system

    Best seat in the house.
  12. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    I have 2 - 48" AquaticLife T5/LED Hybrid units. The LEDs will be 3x Kessil 360e and each 48" unit has 4 T5 bulbs, the bulbs should give me a 10-12K look - 2 Blue Plus, 1 Aquablue Special and 1 Super Purple There may end up being 2 AI 23 Hydra HD's added as well I am hoping in a couple weeks to have a mounting board installed under the tank and all the Powerhead controls and such in place on it. (So far I am really liking the Tunze pumps) Plus I need to drain the freshwater and refill with RODI and salt and get the cycle started. I have some already cycled rock I plan on adding in the sump to get things kicked off a little faster.
  13. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    It's Alive!!!! 2018-06-11_12-37-59 by drauka99, on Flickr 2018-06-11_12-37-30 by drauka99, on Flickr Did some leak testing this weekend (passed all with flying colors) and Ended up filling the tank up with tap water (ours is surprisingly low TDS) onto the dry rock I had. Going to let it soak for a week or so and then do a 100% water change with good RO/DI water and get it cycling. I did go a bit overboard on my return pumps. 2 Varios 8's are a bit much. even with 1-1/2 drains they struggle to keep up. I have both set on the lowest setting on thier controller and there is a bunch of flow through the sump. 2018-06-11_12-39-13 by drauka99, on Flickr
  14. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Got most of the plumbing done this weekend. Picture doesn't show it but the return pumps are connected with vinyl hose to dampen vibrations. 2018-05-14_07-06-41 by drauka99, on Flickr
  15. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Says the guy with how many guppie tanks in his house?
  16. WTT Gyre XF130 for Vortech MP 40w

    I have a MP40 I am looking to sell, no need for any other powerheads. Its been upgraded with a QD wetside and controller. Price is $250. Also have a Gen2 (horizontal controller layout) MP40 that needs a wetside. (Is up-gradable to a QD controller as well) I'd part with for $150.
  17. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Turned out the glass shop got the holes perfect. Was able to bulkhead the tanks together with no pressure.
  18. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    yup, went ahead and had the local glass shop handle the drilling since I needed a bunch of glass cut as well. sump and refugium are drilled and did a water test last night. both passed. Need to get them plumbed together and the rest of the plumbing done and get this beast full of water.
  19. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Thanks, Got the Apex running to make sure its stable and operating correctly for a few days before I start programming all the outlets. Only have the temp probes hooked up for now. One is measuring the water temp in the mixing vat I have beside the sump area, the other is the room temp. (One thing that hasn't been made very open by Neptune is that the temp probe works just as well out of water as it does in. I like this because i can set an alert if the room temp gets high, like if the AC goes out) There will be 2 more EB-8's as well as a VDM module under the tank for powerheads and light control.
  20. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    2018-04-29_11-33-03 by drauka99, Got some stuff mounted.
  21. Pompano Are Here

    ill take the second one from the bottom
  22. Water Quality for Coral

    Only answer I can give you is, as close to 0 as you can get. In my thought process, its not the TDS that's the issue, its WHAT the TDS is that's the issue. Imagine 2 people with has a TDS reading of 5, in one case the 5 is 3 parts boron and 2 parts phosphates. He has corals growing out of his ears, and perhaps a bit of algae issue. The other fella, well his 5ppm is all 5 part copper..... he can't grow a single coral and copper sensitive fish seem to die in his system, but the ones that live never seem to get ich or other parasites. All you know is that TDS is 5ppm, it could be almost anything and could change at any time. That's why we shoot for 0, then add good quality salt mixes and supplements to create a safe water for our tank inhabitants.
  23. Water Quality for Coral

    Sounds like its time for some new filters. 34 is very good. I was happy when I saw 74 up in the boonies where I live now. Valparaiso was in the 120-140 range, which is not bad compared to some systems up north.
  24. I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

    Figured it was time for some updates. Progress has been slow but it has started moving now and a plan has come together. Plumbing was causing me some headaches since the fish room is beside the tank, not behind it which is ideal. I also wanted the sump up off the floor in the fish room so that added to the plumbing fight. I think I have it all straight now. Here is the plan for the sump stand received_10215510248686634 by drauka99, on Flickr this will hold a 40 breeder refugium and a custom 125 (dimension not standard) sump, like this received_10215510046761586 by drauka99, on Flickr the three red pipes are the drains from the display tank, obviously they will be routed down into the refugium. I am currently waiting on a drill bit to get the sump and refugium drilled for them to be connected together. received_10215546285187524 by drauka99, on Flickr I added a few more filler "legs" under the stand after this picture was taken, as well as cleaned up the tank. I also came up with a plan for the Apex to be mounted above the sump on the wall with a layout of all of the modules. I worked on that some this weekend. received_10215614953024177 by drauka99, on Flickr One thing you might notice, 2 return modules. I decided to go with 2 of the Varios 8 pumps instead of just one and splitting it. Mainly for redundancy and head loss. received_10215617421085877 by drauka99, on Flickr