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  1. Trade?

    That was one of the only things I didn’t have another frag of. I have a lot so next time I frag, I’ll frag plenty. List updated. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Trade?

    I’m located in Fort Walton Beach. My grandson decided to add all my supplements several months ago and my reef suffered because of it. Lost a lot of stuff. Finally got things heading in the right direction (still working on Algae) so throwing some frags out there for a possible trade. Just a heads up that I’m picky. Nothing personal. Just interested in certain things. There’s some stuff I lost that I’m willing to trade/ buy back , if some of you out there have a frag available. Anyway here’s a list of what’s available. A couple may need some more time to heal but most are ready to go now. Sps- Jason Fox Flame 1inch $40, 1+inch branching $60 Setosa 1inch $20 Vivid Rainbow delight 1inch branching $40 Sarmentosa 3/4-1inch branching (mint green pink tips) $20 Sunburst Monti 1inch chunk $20 Red Planet 1inch chunk $20 WWC Yellow Tip 1 1/2inches $30 ORA Lantana 3/4-1inch $20 Mystic Sunset Monti 1inch $20 Green Stylophora 1+inch branching $20 Jedi Mind Trick Monti 1+inch encrusted $20 Apple Berry Monti (branching) 1+inch $20 Orange Pavona 1+inch $20 Chilli Pepper/Seasons Greeting Monti 1Inch $20 Birds Of Paradise 1inch $10 Purple Stylophora 2+inch branching $15 LPS- Duncans 3/4 heads $15 Orange Crush Enchinata 1inch chunk $20 Zoas/Palys- Green Grandis 2 polyps $20 I’ll work on size/quantity, price, and pictures for those that may want them asap. Looking for colorful stuff from any coral family and please don’t offer trades if you have any known pests. Thanks all 😊
  3. Trade?

  4. Trade?

    Sorry man, I didn’t see this until way too late. I’ve been working late and wouldn’t have been home in time. Sorry I missed you, it has been a long time. I hope everything is well. I don’t have any thing else fragged atm, next time I get in there , I’ll try to frag more Zoas/Palys.
  5. Trade?

    Anyone have purple Bonsai?
  6. Trade?

    Think I’m good on torches now. Looking for colorful blasto. Wellsi’s or Merletti’s. Like to find a bright blood red and metallic green wellsi. Also like 1-2 more colorful sps. Lmk. Thanks all. Added a couple more sps frags as well.
  7. Trade?

    List updated. Torches....anyone........anyone......? Lol
  8. Mushroom

    How big is it? Could possibly be a Sunkist or reef koi. Do you have any others?
  9. Trade?

    Yes, still have frags of both.
  10. Trade?

    List updated. Any milli’s out there?
  11. Trade?

    Anyone have any lunar eclipse zoas or orange passion Acro?
  12. Trade?

  13. Trade?

    I’ve been asked by several people this lol. No, my torches pulled through , and no I’m not fragging any at this time lol. Im just thinking of doing something with a section of my tank that will require several different colors of torches to pull off right and if I’m able to trade for them, that would be great 😉.
  14. Trade?

    Pms replied and thanks to those that have stopped by. Still plenty left (had/have multiples on some stuff) 😊. Any cool torches out there?
  15. Trade?

    Shots under whites. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Trade?

    Here’s some shots of the frags and some of the mc’s under blues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Frags frags and more frags

    Do you have any biohazards?
  18. Corals fs

    That’s weird. The “choose” pic icon didn’t come up when I went to post those pics. If I hadn’t done this before and known where it’s supposed to be, I wouldn’t have been able to post these. Wonder if it’s a setting that was changed with one of my updates [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Corals fs

    Coral are located in Fort Walton Beach. I have the following corals for sale. Pics are of previous frags and mc's. Will post wysiwyg pics ASAP. Please text if you would like a pic of something specific before I do. Sps-Jason Fox Flame 2inches multiple branches $60, 1inch $40Pink Lemonade Fully Encrusted With Multiple branches coming up $40, 1inch $20RMF Acid Trip Milli 2inches multiple branches $60, 1inch branching $40Teal Acro 1 1/2 inches branching $20Green Stylophora 1inch $20Apple Berry Monti 1+inch branching $20Bright Green Acro (slimmer?) 2inches branching $20Walt Disney 1/2inch $60Purple Stylophora 2inches branching $20Jedi Mind Trick Monti 1inch encrusting $20WWC Blueberry Acro 1inch branching $40Pink Milli 1inch $20Purple Bonsai 1inch encrusting $20Mystic Sunset Monti 1inch encrusted $20Mr Pac-Man 1+inches $30Chili pepper/seasons greeting Monti 1inch encrusted $20Rommel's Rainbow Milli 3/4 inch $60WWC Yellow Tip 1inch $30Vivid Rainbow Delight 1inch $30Birds of Paradise Around 2inches $10Red Planet 3/4inch encrusted $20Ora Spongodes 2inches encrusted $20Orange Pavona 1inch encrusted $20Starburst Monti 1+inch $20Tyree Blue Matrix 1inch $30Forest Fire Digi 2+inches $20Ora neon green birds nest around 2inches $10Odds and ends-Bright Red & Orange Chalice 1/2inch $40Gatorades (Zoas) 3-4 polyps $20Lava Lamp mushroom quarter size with 1-2 babies $20 ( Adults get around half dollar size)Mia's pot of Gold Favia 1inch 5+eyes $20Purple/velvet green Warty Anemone around nickel size $20 ( They don't get any larger than around half dollar size). Please pm or text me with any questions. Can meet around the Fort Walton Beach area. two2six3eight6five is where I can be reached, thanks.
  20. Corals fs

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Corals fs

    Here’s a couple wysiwyg shots. I didn’t get the larger frags in there but can send some for anyone interested. Sorry to those that have been waiting for an update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Corals fs

    Thanks. It has grown out well for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Corals fs

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Pompano Are Here

    It was fun bringing that guy in [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Pompano Are Here

    Can't have a fishing thread without including these guys Had a pretty good morning. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk