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  1. Coming Back To Hobby

    Yo MANNNN. Im thinking of picking up something small too!
  2. Radions....

    Awesome job = Bad ass fish tank though
  3. Good talking to you man! I stand corrected, I didn't realize some local places charged such egregious prices :-/
  4. Api Algae Fix Marine

    Good info. UV sterilizers are a good option as well (probably better actually) if you had one laying around...
  5. Help With Aiptasia

    Berghia are terrible options IMHO. They will starve to death after they are done. A much better option (and just as fool proof) is to make a thick paste out of rodi water and kalk and cover the aptasia you see with it. Get yourself 10 or so peppermint shrimp ( is having a sale right now) and put them in your tank. The shrimp will eat any small aptasia, you knock out the ones you can see and whaaaalaaaaa, no aptasia and no inhumane treatment of critters, you net yourself some additional cleanup crew AND ITS CHEAPER!!! BAM!
  6. You will see a noticeable difference in coral growth moving from 14k to 20k. Any way you could add a couple LED or T5 strips? Nothing fancy or expensive.. If possible I believe this would be a much better option.
  7. Help I.d. Hitchhiker

    DONT KILL IT! They ARE NOT bad for your tank!!!!!! (Unless they are bright red)
  8. Mark-up is nowhere close to 100% for drystock, closer to 10-20%. Livestock is a different story though...
  9. Coral Con

    Im going. Anyone down to carpool?
  10. This is exactly why. The real problem is these types are exponentially greater in number than people on message boards. I can tell you first hand.
  11. Club Stuff

  12. My 75 Gallon Setup

    Great looking tank man! Its crammed full!
  13. December Meeting

    Im excited!
  14. Devildogfish

    Several shady "stories" of this seller, buyers be cautious and check all equipment before you buy. If you would like to know more call me anytime.
  15. Chris Almand

    Thanks bros!
  16. Maced By The Tang Police....

    A bare minimum of 300 gallons. Mostly due to the Achilles. MAYBE a 225 or so with a TON of flow (not 4 Maxi-jets, more like 4 Vortechs). But I am of the opinion that If you are unsure, why push it? There are 100s and 100s of AWESOMELY cool fish that are smaller and less demanding. I truly believe that generally Achillies, Clown, and Powder Blue tangs are simply not suitable for aquarium life. Aside from being extremely sensitive, they are extremely aggressive. To prove my point, I urge you to ask around and take note of how many aquarists have successfully kept any of these fish. Its not going to be many, and the ones who have kept these fish successfully have lots and lots of experience and know-how; Far beyond that of even above average aquarists. One last point- Especially regarding Achillies. Hawaiians really support ending collection in their waters because of our insatiable need for Hawaiian fish. There are very valid and good reasons for their support of ending the collection there. Maybe we should listen. This is the best advise anyone could give. Learn what should and shouldn't be in your aquarium.
  17. That's a real bummer man. I knew dosing vodka was a bad idea...(my attempt to be funny)
  18. The heart of mamma Acrylic tube awesomeness Acrylic tubes pump The bill for salt After 3 overflows, a busted seam on an acrylic tank, skimmer leaking, and 3 weeks of work. I am ALMOST done.
  19. 840 Gallons Of Awesomeness

    Yeah, it actually has the temp getting down to 71. HEATERS! IN THE SPRING?! LOL, I just noticed the ghost Seachem salt in the first picture! Can ya'll find it
  20. 840 Gallons Of Awesomeness

    Got the 180 fixed up and introduced it to the system! I wanted to finish add the water additions before the week before and the week of finals. Left on the todo list that will be resumed after finals: -Water tower/ATO -chiller -controller -DIY large carbon reactor and PO4 reactor -somehow shade the tanks
  21. Although, I cannot seem to get the nutrient levels down in the aquarium. Any suggestions?
  22. Turf Algae Filter

    I dunno, I guess as big as I can...