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  3. Excellent condition. Kessil 160we Tuna Blue and Kessil Goosneck $150 for light and mount ready to go. PM for contact.
  4. IM Lagoon 25 and Lagoon 25 stand. Tank and stand in good condition. Tank has some nicks in the silicon but otherwise is in excellent condition. In operation now holding some nice pieces of live rock with sponges corrallin etc. Zero scratches in tank or stand. Would make an excellent rimless nano tank or frag tank. $150 for both tank and original stand PM for contact
  5. Equipment

    All prices are obo
  6. Lots of corals for sale

    I have lots of stuff in my tank that has grown pretty big and I need to thin lots of it out. I have some fragged already and I can also do fresh cut frags. Prices starting at $10, I also throw in freebies when possible. Kryptonite Candy canes ORA Red Planet (several frags and all are encrusting) ORA Supernatural ORA Blue Chalice WWC Seasons Greetings Duncans Forest Fire Digitata Extra large green sinularia Extra large devil's hand leather Tri-color acro Lavender fuzzy mushrooms and more... Prices will be low, I need to move a lot of stuff due to crowding. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  7. Livestock/LiveRock for sale $375 for everything listed

    I'll see you this weekend
  8. Quarantined fish for sale

    ^^ Price drop on the Bluespot Goby $20 Also open to offers on the clownfish and Helfrichi.
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  10. WTB 90 gallon

    New post made for larger tank and I don’t know how to delete this one so please remove post or send instructions on how to do so Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. WTB 120 gallon tank

    My previous post was for a 90 gallon tank but my wife and I just moved into a new house and I talked her in to a larger tank so I’m now Looking for a 120 gallon tank. I have found a few at the LFS but wanted to see what else was out there I live in Panama City now but I have a truck and I’m willing to drive a reasonable distance. It doesn’t need to be drilled/ reef ready as long as it’s good condition and holds water. Please comment here or text me at 850-six 9 one- 8272 to tell me what you have. And again thank you for your time and help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Scary, I have almost resigned myself to the idea that I will never have a disease free tank. Just to many chances for something to be introduced or it going dormant to only re-emerge later. To quote a movie line I seem to recall (I don't remember the movie name, maybe Prometheus), "Life will find a way."
  13. Livestock/LiveRock for sale $375 for everything listed

    i want first dibs
  14. $175 for all the fish???
  15. Everything listed above for $375 today (Sunday) only. Does include the items that had individual prices except the hairy mushroom rock, it’s already gone. This means all the livestock/rock in the tank, sand is included if u want that as well....must bring your own buckets/bags. $375
  16. New Rock Flower Anemones

    We just got a new batch of Rock Flower Anemones in and they look amazing! We're doing an in store special today and tomorrow for $25 a piece or buy 4 get 1 free. Also if you want some inverts to hang out with any of your anemones we have 2 anemone crabs, 1 anemone shrimp, and 5 sexy shrimp available. Those are $14.99 a piece. We have 2 nice sized copperband Butterfly for $39.99 Half Black Mimic Tang $44.99 Shark Egg $34.99 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. Quarantined fish for sale

    Pic of the Bluespot Goby:
  18. Quarantined fish for sale

    Both tangs sold. Firefish, goby + clownfish pair remain.
  19. WTB 90 gallon

    Elite aquatics had a nice one for 350
  20. Quarantined fish for sale

  21. Quarantined fish for sale

  22. Quarantined fish for sale

    Got some stragglers I need to sell. I've had most of these fish 6+ months, they are fully quarantined and survived a pretty virulent bacterial infection; so I only want them going to people with disease-free DTs. Purple Tang $175 Hippo Tang $60 Helfrichi Firefish $90 GIANT Bluespot Goby (DO NOT house with small fish) $20 Pair of Black Onyx Clownfish $100
  23. WTB 90 gallon

    Looking for a 90 gallon. It doesn’t need to be drilled/ reef ready as long as it’s good condition and holds water. Please comment here, pm me or text me at 850-six 9 one- 8272 to tell me what you have. Thank you for your time and help
  24. Equipment

    3stage doser for $100
  25. Equipment

    Panama city beach off 79. I work in santa rosa
  26. Equipment

    where are yu located
  27. Equipment

    Return pump sold
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