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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sounds like a great time. Be sure you all take lots of pictures. Have a fun safe trip!
  3. Large Green Bubble Tip

    Nem is sold.
  4. Last week
  5. Lots of equipment for sale

    Vortechs and DA controller are sold pending payment.
  6. Will be heading over to New Orleans next week. a few days before MACNA for some fun and then going to MACNA. don't know how many of y'all are still going. hopefully some of yall make it. It'll be my 3rd time going and the last 2 were way back.
  7. Large Green Bubble Tip

    OK. He is supposed to come today to get it. If he does not, I will let you know. Have a great day!
  8. Large Green Bubble Tip

    if it falls through, i'll take it.
  9. 125 gal setup. w/Sump, lights, return pump

    Not selling lights due to problems I found while taking them down. So tank, sump, return pump reduced to $700.
  10. Lots of equipment for sale

    Reduced prices on vortechs and reefkeeper.
  11. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    That's awesome! I tested mine and it ran a power head for 3 days. With some solar panels and a second battery it could be endless!
  12. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    Thanks man! I need to make more but it can be time consuming.
  13. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    I think you are talking about my battery back up or even Big Dog's. I use a car battery to power my Vortechs and a BatteryMINDER to keep it charged. Works wonders and has been well tested/used. Saved my tank during a 12 hour power outage this June. Occurred the day after I left for a month! Result was zero casualties, intact I don't think anything had the slitest problem. If not for that my reef would have died, I'm certain. its 100% automatic with enough juice to run my MP60 for 2+days!
  14. I'll be making an order this week for Berghia Nudibranchs from SaltyUnderground.com. If you are also interested in buying some please let me know and we could get extra nudis and split the shipping. text me ASAP 6two3-81zero 8685 Aaron
  15. Brand New Marineland Rimless 60G Cube Build

    Looking good! I like your YouTube vids
  16. Scooter 270G

    Just a little progress update, other than I take forever in general, lol. Tank just circulated in the dark with a small cycle from some pukani I used for what felt like forever. Phosphates and nitrates undetectable. When I finally got the lights up I had a very brief, maybe three days or so of diatoms. I added a little TBS rock to seed all the dry rock I used, and by the second morning hair algae had exploded Phosphate and nitrates are still undedectable, so the explosion of HA utilized it as fast as it was released. It also rapidly went from green, to brown, to a translucent yellow so I'm assuming it had utilized the majority of nutrients. I now have only a few spots still green. GFO has been running since the day I added the TBS rock. I also now have some macros in the fuge. It did return to getting a little worse while I was on vacation for a week and ran skimmerless so the house sitter wouldn't need to deal with it. I'm just crossing my fingers I can keep it short lived and bring the nutrients back down quick. In the meantime, while not a fix or cure all, I changed my stocking order and picked up a Foxface Lo today and is in QT. Maybe he can munch away soon. Anyway, so far I'm up to a pearly jawfish, firefish, blue spot watchman, four royal gramma (bought 5, one was DOA and all looked half dead but recovered in QT. Shipping box was broken and HOT), three cleaner shrimp, and pistol shrimp. I HAD a tiny yellow watchman I got at Mike's along with the pistol. It made it two days in the DT before taking a waterslide right down and into the skimmer. The blue spot I got is huge, so there will be no repeat, lol. I'll finally be ready for coral, and a single sebae nem once I get through the algae issue. Since I have my own server it looks like I also need to get all my pics moved from Photobucket and start just using my own server. I'll get around to that Thanks to all for past input, or answering questions in a PM, etc.
  17. Earlier
  18. My 65 Gallon

    Looks great man!
  19. My 65 Gallon

  20. Large Green Bubble Tip

  21. Gauging interest. 30 cube.

    Tank has been sold. Now to set up my 250 gallon. Happy reefing.
  22. Tank breakdown livestock part

    All livestock has been sold.
  23. Large Green Bubble Tip

    I am going to sell one of my GBTA. Very bright green, bubbles up well and is a good 8"+ when expanded. I have had it for a year and a half and it is acclimated to LED. Will come with the rock it is attached to which is about the size of a mango. It's the one on the left in these pics. $60
  24. Lots of equipment for sale

    Some of this rock is Marco Rock. A few pieces are nice flat shelf rocks.
  25. Lots of equipment for sale

    Both barrels have bulkheads in the bottom that go through the table. Saltwater barrel has a pump piped in to circulate and mix or connect water hose to pump to display tank.RO barrel is piped to end of table for filling buckets. Both have floats to stop filling when full.
  26. Lots of equipment for sale

  27. Lots of equipment for sale

    Shut down tank and have all equipment for sale. 1.Digital Aquatics reefkeeper lite with temp probe & 2 PC4's $140 2. Two MP40w's with new quiet drive wet sides $250 3. Sybon refractometer $20 4. Lot of test kits $20 5. Bucket of IO salt $20 6. Dry rock 85 lb $1/pound 7. RODI $50 8. Water mixing station with 2 Rubbermaid barrels and mixing pump $100 or $150 with RODI 9. Approx. half bucket of BRS Alk mix $make offer 10. Reef Octopus XP2000 cone skimmer (needs pump) $make offer Located just north of Mobile.
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