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  2. Mining

    Innosilicon A10 pro World delivery Отправлено с моего SM-G965F через Tapatalk
  3. Full system for sale

    In the near future, I'll have my tank for sale (once the fish are cleared out). Tank is 200 gallon deep dimension. It was damaged upon moving to my house, but it has been repaired with no issues for 5 years. Includes wood stand, 40 gallon sump, 3 kessil 360W, protein skimmer, auto top off system, heater, etc. $1200 obo I also have a 29 gallon biocube. I retro fitted it with Steve's LED, but it needs a new controller. $200 I live in Shalimar, FL. Chris 937-581-8357
  4. fish for sale

    I'm not sure if anyone is on here anymore, but here goes... Blue Tang $40 Yellow Tang $40 Purple Tang $100 Melanarus Wrasse (male) $60 Japanese Swallowtail $80 Electric Blue Dottyback $40 5 Monodactylus argenteus $20 each (and they have all been adapted to saltwater) All fish are mature and have been in my aquarium 3+ years. All prices are obo. I live in Shalimar (north of Fort Walton Beach) 937-581-8357
  5. Compete 15 gallon Nano System $150

    Would you take 100 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  6. For sale/trade

    Looking to trade for a smaller fish tank* biocube would be perfect [emoji108]... has a sump and two Kessel lights one working only... Or I could sell it for the right price send me an offer * located in defunik springs Cell. 850-333-0346 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. Frags fs

    Do you still have the LPS and Zoas for sale if so interested
  8. Looking to see if i can purchase some LPS, Softie, pulsating Xenia frags. Have my 35 gallon nano cycled and ready to rock. Also if anyone has rock they are trying to selling any please let me know! Thank you Brian
  9. 50 gallon tub *SOLD*

    50 gallon tub with stand, canopy, 20 gallon sump, custom stainless drip pan under the sump. This tank was set up for about 8 years so it’s gonna need a little TLC. $150 Call or text 85O-232-888I
  10. If anyone in the NW Florida area has fish infected with Ich, velvet, brook, etc. I would like them for a H2O2 experiment: I will give them a 30 min H2O2 bath (as outlined in that link), and then transfer them into an observation tank to see if symptoms return. If symptoms do return, the fish will be treated properly with copper or chloroquine or whatever other medications are required. You can have the fish back (if they survive) afterwards, and they will be disease-free.
  11. selling livestock

    Still have any of these guys
  12. Rehoming Eels

    Interested in snowflake eel
  13. Rehoming Eels

    I have a yellow head (cheetah) eel and a snowflake eel I am looking to find new homes for. I am wanting to convert to a reef tank. They do great together as pictured but are pretty aggressive with fish. I am located in Pensacola Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. Frags fs

    Hi, I’ll be available after 5 on Saturday.
  15. Frags fs

  16. Frags fs

    Still have plenty left. Thanks to those that have stopped by.
  17. Frags fs

    Hey you have a number i can text you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I have another style Reef Breeders black box type for $80.00, and a SB Reef light black box type for $60. These have two cords each and have the individual dials for blue and white light intensity. These lights have worked flawlessly for me and have also grown lots and lots of corals. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  19. 5 Stage BRS Premium RO/DI System $125

    Sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. selling livestock

    I live on the west side of Pensacola close to the back gate of the base
  21. selling livestock

    I have a LARGE Marine Beta that I would like to get $100 for. A very large engineer goby that I would let go for like $20 and my condolences, some pajama cardinals $5 each $10 for all three. A bunch of blue damsels, and some clowns $20 each
  22. Frags fs

    Can u send me a picture of ur walt.disney acro. 8504997801. Jim Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. Frags fs

    Some pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Frags fs

    I have the following available. Most have been healing at least a couple weeks. I’m located in Fort Walton Beach. Please pm for any questions or send a number if you would like better pics of something specific as my pic taking skills suck lol. Thank you. Sps- Apple Berry Monti -1inch $20 Ora Spongodes -1inch branching $15, 1inch $10 Rainbow Monti -3/4inch $20 Orange Pavona -1inch chunk $20 Setosa 3/4inch $20 Mystic Sunset Monti -3/4inch $20 WWC Yellow Tip Acro -1+inch $30 Seasons greeting Monti- 1inch chunk $20 Red Planet -1inch branching $20 Forest Fire Digi- 1+inch $20 Vivid Rainbow Delight- 3/4inch $30 Jedi Mind Trick- 1inch chunk $20 Sunburst Monti- 1inch chunk $20 JF Flame Acro -1+inch multiple branches $60 Unknown Acro - (green base/purple tips/purple polyps) 3/4 inch $20 Walt Disney Acro -1/2inch $60 Green Stylophora- around 1inch branching $20 Purple Stylophora -1+inch $15 ORA Lantana - 3/4inch chunk $20 Lps- Green w/blue eye Leptastrea -3/4inch chunk $20 Chalice- (Bright red/orange eyes/orange rim) 1inch chunk w multiple eyes $50 PPE Blasto Merletti- 2 heads $20 Zoas/Palys- Green Grandis 4-5polyps $30 Scrambled Eggs 2-3 polyps $15 Gatorades Dz polyps 3-4 polyps $10 Nuclear Greens 2 polyps $10 Pink Hallucinations 4-5 polyps $25 Green Button polyps Dz $10 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. fish need rehoming

    i have a large panther grouper amd a large dogface puffer need to rehome
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