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  2. Multiple corals cheap - parting out tank

    All corals are sold. I will post the fish and live rock today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Skimz Kone SK254 still under warranty

    Mod please close, item sold Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  5. Multiple corals cheap - parting out tank

    I’m interested in a bit of stuff, can you send me pics at 850-226-17three7
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  7. Multiple corals cheap - parting out tank

    what fish do you have
  8. Multiple corals cheap - parting out tank

    I am in Pensacola near I-10 and Scenic exit.
  9. Multiple corals cheap - parting out tank

    Where r u located at? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Tried to sell whole setup but got no interest so I am going to part it out. I need to sell corals first then fish so I can take out rocks and catch them. If your interested please make an offer. Corals: Several large rocks with Green star Polyp covering it. $10 each 3 large rocks with zoa's covering them $10 each 2 Rock flower anemones $10 each Small john deer lepto $15 Blue duncan with at least 5 heads $20 Purple Blastomusa with several heads $20 Large hammer coral $20 2 Watermelon chalice frags (1 large and 1 small) $20 Several large orange and green Yuma mushrooms $10 5' blue Maxima clam $40 If you buy several things I will make you a better deal. I am located in Pensacola near I-10 and Scenic exit.
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  12. Looking to clean out garage and sell or trade for coral. Located in Pace Florida Inkbird temperature controller. 10.00 Aqua lifter. 10.00 Innovative Marine Goumet Grazer 10.00 Oxyled light with fixture for refugiums 10.00 Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. Equipment for sale

    Overflow is available sump is sold Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. Equipment for sale

    Is this still available
  15. Skimz Kone SK254 still under warranty

    Trade for spawning pair clownfish
  16. Trade?

    List updated. Torches....anyone........anyone......? Lol
  17. Pumps,skimmers,reactors,salt

    Where r u located at Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. Pumps,skimmers,reactors,salt

    Pinpoint ph controller (no prob) $75 Pinpoint nitrate monitor (like new)-$75 Mag 36- $100 2x mag 18- $75per coralife mini calcium reactor- $15 2x two little fishes 550 reactors-$35 per SeaUrchin Pro skinner with pump-$40 coralife skimmer no pump-$15 2x boxes of instant ocean salt-$20per text for more info or pictures. 850-803-2938
  19. mad scientist strikes again5 tanks build

    the madness 2 more tanks up and running cycle now
  20. Rose Bubble Tip Anenomes

    My main tank sprung a leak and i moved everything to a refugium a couple months ago. Currently have 3 RBTA's that open up to about 4-5 inches across when they expand, but they're pissed and don't at the moment. They've also lost a little color, but they seem to be healthy and not moving from their spots. I paid $25 for a quarter sized one, and they go online for $90-100, so i think $50 each is fair. If you buy two i'll throw in the percula. Otherwise i'll let him go for $10. Two are on one piece of live rock, about 3 pounds. The other is attached to a one pound piece. I live in Spanish Fort.
  21. Skimz Kone SK254 still under warranty

    $400 cash if pickup today, this is a deal you will never see. Rated up to 790 gallons Come and get it. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  22. Equipment for sale

    Bump, $275 for both kessils and controller. Guarantee everything works properly. Come check em out!
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  24. Lots of corals for sale

    What's the asking price on the candy canes?
  25. 14 gallon fluval m40 reef tank

    Comes with fluval stand and stock coral led light( very bright). The model has a small elbow valve drilled into the back for the easiest 20% water change you'll ever do. Attach a hose and open the valve, the back 3 stage filter drains and the main tank water level never goes down ( no coral exposed to air). Moving soon and am looking to get 150 for it ( new was 450 all together).
  26. 90 gallon drilled tank, mahogany stand, 20 gallon sump/refugium, return pump, two glass tops. The tank is gently used, seal is perfect and you have to look very hard to find only a couple hairline scratches. Make me an offer, I'm looking to get 500 for everything.
  27. My tang needs a new home, I'm selling my 90 gallon drilled setup to go full grow out smaller tanks. Ill be moving to indiana in 3 weeks and am looking for tougher sps or zoas. He doesn't have any health issues and as stated has never been aggressive, even towards other tangs. Huge personality, following you anywhere in the room and always getting in the way of pictures lol
  28. Equipment for sale

    I have a mp40w quite drive I could trade for the 60 and how much cash ?
  29. 200 Gallon Deep Dimension Reef Tank - Complete Setup $1000 OBO Tank 48W x 27T x 36D Stand 49.5W x 34.5T x 38D Solid Oak Walk Around Together 61T x 34.5T x 38D Nothing needed, Ready to go as soon as you set it up and you can monitor it from anywhere with Neptune Apex system. SB Ultra Reef lights 2 x 45” with Wi-Fi (New) Neptune Apex classic gold controller with Energy Bar 8 and Energy Bar 4 Neptune leak sensors x 3, FMM, PM2, and VDM modules 40G sump with SB Refugium light, Maxi-jet 600 Oct VarioS 6 Pump (1720 gal/hr) Coral Box D700 Skimmer (New) Seasoned marine pure blocks x 2 and Cheato Algae Finnex 1000-Watt Titanium Heater x 2 Tunze Auto Top off System with large water reservoir Tunze wavemaker Turbelle 6105 (2) and Waveline WavePuck II Jeabo Gyre Coral Box Wifi doser At least 50+ pounds of Live rock, also have dead rock for you to have Live sand Fish Large Tomini Tang Small Sailfin Tang Small Fox Face Bonded pair of clownfish (one black and one orange) Six line wrasse Pigmy angel Flame Angel Cleaner shrimp Clean up crew Pistol shrimp with yellow goby paired Several LPS Corals Medium sized Clam (Blue) Getting out of the hobby and priced the tank to sell fast. Over $7000 worth of top shelf equipment if bought new. Wanting to sell as a whole, but will part out if unable to sell as a whole. Feel free to make me an offer.
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