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    Hello Everyone. I am selling my 125 long saltwater tank with everything included it includes three SB reeflights, tons of coral, rock, new protein skimmer, dosing pump, sump,Rodi unit, carbon, and tons and tons of extra that I cannot even list. All coral and rock is in great shape. And there is a lot of it. The tank is being currently maintained by sb reef. I am moving and need it gone. Asking 600 but make a offer need it gone to move out. Text me at(305) 484-7072 and I will post pictures. I am unable to upload for some reason. Thank you.
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    Hey All Trent here, been around, lurking. Kinda hard for me to do my usual post using just my phone. Computer died sometime back. Anyhow I'm pushing thru using this little keyboard with these fat fingers(atleast it's qwerty and not T9) to let you all know about this coming meet. Sunday, October 7th doors open at 10:30am. Along with all the usual goodies, we have a guest speaker. I begged and pleaded, got him in a corner and threatened the life of his fish. Na, I asked real nice, even said please [emoji16]. Anywho, this months special guest speaker is Humblefish, he will be doing a presentation on fish diseases and how to identifying them. If we show him some love on this post he might even tell us how to treat them. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Trent Sent from my SM-J700P using Tapatalk
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    For those of you who might not know about the Vendor/Sponor page. Please subscribe to my page DK Reef Treasures. I usually do specials on Friday for my livestock and depending on how things go I might extend it for over the weekend. You can always follow my Facebook page or check out my website at www.dkreeftreasures.com If you want to swing by I'm located at 1922 A Creighton rd. Pensacola, FL 3250 Happy Reefing! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    New Livestock arriving today. Here is a list of the items that will be coming in. Fish: Coral Beauty Angel Ruby Red Dragonette Aiptasia Eating File Diamond Goby Orange Banded Prawn Goby Tiger Goby Watchman Goby (Pink/Blue Spot) Candy Hogfish Foxface Bicolor Blenny Lawnmower Blenny Midas Blenny Red Mandarin Goby Yellow Watchman Goby Spotted Hawk Dwarf Lion Blue Flasher Wrasse Brown Bird Wrasse Juv. Red Coris Wrasse Red Pygmy Possum Wrasse Male Ruby Finned Fairy Wrasse Scissortail Goby Springeri Damsel Kupang Damsel Yellow Clown Goby Inverts: Pom Pom Crab Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp Tiger Pistol Shrimp Colored Chocolate Chip Star White Sand Star LG Nassarius Sand Snail Trochus Snail Cleaner Shrimp Coral: Umbrella Leather Ultra Blasto Wellsi Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I have one it’s the cheapo black stand
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    I have a 55 aqueon in excellent condition that I wanna get rid of. Got from petco n used as a sump for a lil over a yr. still has the stickers on it. No stand tho. Pm me ur # if interested.
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    I have a bonded pair of saddleback I will sell. I'm currently breaking down my biocube. $45 for the pair
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    I somehow JUST noticed this thread. If needed, and not in use by me at the moment, I have five 10 gallon tanks, two 29 gallon, a growing pile of air pumps and small heaters, tubing, airstones, a few totes, some suction cup glass moving handles, and a pretty well stocked medicine cabinet. Oh, and an Aqua medic fish trap when I ever get around to cleaning it back up and putting it back in its box where it belongs, lol.
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    I’m a fan of mushrooms as starters myself. Ya get to see them open and close and respond to changes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They are real good to hobbiests that like to trade and commission coral frag. Love em for that and they are responsible with their sourcing unlike most that just rip corals off the reefs and resell. High quality fish as well.
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    Just wanted to express my appreciation for this LFS in FWB. Their SW selection isn't the biggest, but fish & inverts are nice/reasonably priced. The owners are kind and personable. I really like that they sell live blackworms, which is great for getting finicky new fish to eat.
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    We're going to start having a meeting the first Sunday morning of each month 11am-noon @SBReefs in Davis Hwy, next to Bailey's farmers market. Each meeting someone will be presenting a topic for education and discussion. Love to have volunteers. Basic topics are great! Coffee drinks and donuts provided. Here's the kicker. Store will be closed until noon. We're allowing folks to bring corals and used equipment to sell or trade to each other. You can even use the "FRPS" club tank to display your corals. This will be open to new customers of the store as current reef club members. We are hoping to grow the reef club that way, as well as educate those new to the hobby. Seating will be limited so bring a camp chair. We will have a screen set up in the warehouse, plenty of room. First meeting is at 11am Sunday July 1st. Full disclosure: meeting is being held at and sponsored by SB Reefs and is not an official FRPS meeting...yet. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Took a lot of brainstorming to get this done.. as it sits in the same spot as the tanks it replaced. will have lots of zoanthid and Sps frags available soon.... had to break a bit to get the coral out of the old tank 120 gal main display 50 breeder mangrove refugium 50 low boy frag tank 100 gal Rubbermaid stock tank for a sump Ran by a iwaki md40rxt Thanks for looking brad
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    It's Alive!!!! 2018-06-11_12-37-59 by drauka99, on Flickr 2018-06-11_12-37-30 by drauka99, on Flickr Did some leak testing this weekend (passed all with flying colors) and Ended up filling the tank up with tap water (ours is surprisingly low TDS) onto the dry rock I had. Going to let it soak for a week or so and then do a 100% water change with good RO/DI water and get it cycling. I did go a bit overboard on my return pumps. 2 Varios 8's are a bit much. even with 1-1/2 drains they struggle to keep up. I have both set on the lowest setting on thier controller and there is a bunch of flow through the sump. 2018-06-11_12-39-13 by drauka99, on Flickr
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    Coral are located in Fort Walton Beach. I have the following corals for sale. Pics are of previous frags and mc's. Will post wysiwyg pics ASAP. Please text if you would like a pic of something specific before I do. Sps-Jason Fox Flame 2inches multiple branches $60, 1inch $40Pink Lemonade Fully Encrusted With Multiple branches coming up $40, 1inch $20RMF Acid Trip Milli 2inches multiple branches $60, 1inch branching $40Teal Acro 1 1/2 inches branching $20Green Stylophora 1inch $20Apple Berry Monti 1+inch branching $20Bright Green Acro (slimmer?) 2inches branching $20Walt Disney 1/2inch $60Purple Stylophora 2inches branching $20Jedi Mind Trick Monti 1inch encrusting $20WWC Blueberry Acro 1inch branching $40Pink Milli 1inch $20Purple Bonsai 1inch encrusting $20Mystic Sunset Monti 1inch encrusted $20Mr Pac-Man 1+inches $30Chili pepper/seasons greeting Monti 1inch encrusted $20Rommel's Rainbow Milli 3/4 inch $60WWC Yellow Tip 1inch $30Vivid Rainbow Delight 1inch $30Birds of Paradise Around 2inches $10Red Planet 3/4inch encrusted $20Ora Spongodes 2inches encrusted $20Orange Pavona 1inch encrusted $20Starburst Monti 1+inch $20Tyree Blue Matrix 1inch $30Forest Fire Digi 2+inches $20Ora neon green birds nest around 2inches $10Odds and ends-Bright Red & Orange Chalice 1/2inch $40Gatorades (Zoas) 3-4 polyps $20Lava Lamp mushroom quarter size with 1-2 babies $20 ( Adults get around half dollar size)Mia's pot of Gold Favia 1inch 5+eyes $20Purple/velvet green Warty Anemone around nickel size $20 ( They don't get any larger than around half dollar size). Please pm or text me with any questions. Can meet around the Fort Walton Beach area. two2six3eight6five is where I can be reached, thanks.
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    Good seller and Corals are in very good condition. That Blasto really looks good under my lights. Buy with confidence! Thanks Nathan.
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    Agreed! Let me know if you want me to bring some over this weekend.
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    Why don't you just come by and get some I also have Caulerpa prolifera available.
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    Ill take hairy mushroom Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
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    Turned out the glass shop got the holes perfect. Was able to bulkhead the tanks together with no pressure.
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    I went diving today, as part of a in shore lionfish survey team, in hopes not to find lionfish at these two sites. I was extremely pleased to see great diversity at park east. I saw my first green sea turtle also tangs, bass, blennies, banded butterfly fish, damsels, spadefish, crabs, nems, sponges to name only a few. Park West had a surprise with an octopus hanging out in a reef ball (Sigh) now to save for an underwater camera. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the awesome corals
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    I’ve got lots and also Elite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think a more likely explanation is there were some zoas or palys on the same rock that he didn't notice. Perhaps inside a crevice or buried under the xenia.
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    Ok. Shoot me a pm when you return. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The SB boxes have a lot of purple that the phone camera picks up. I try and turn the blue channel almost all the way down but it still grabs it. This is not with the blues down. This side of the tank is a nice area.
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    Get everything back on track?
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    ok assumptions 150 gallon water volume ASSUMING that Magnesium levels are in correct range calcium currently 340ppm alkalinity currently 6.0 DKH AKL desired 7.8 DKH Calcium Desired - 400ppm Supplements used Alk - Baking Soda Calcium - Calcium Chloride 25 teaspoons of calcium chloride dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to ~400ppm 6.5 teaspoons of baking soda dissolved in RODI water and dosed should raise levels to 7.8DKH All that said, dose those 2 solutions slowly over a few days
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    Humble, you do need to go. It's a good small expo to get your feet wet. Cuz when you get things rolling, you should hit every possible expo/convention you can the first year. Sent from my SM-J700P using Tapatalk
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    Wow, that’s some good water. I thought water here on base was great ~130TDS, still not bad. My DI also lasts a very long time as I have only 1 TDS going in the first DI Stage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have lived in a few different water systems in the area and all the water from the tap has always tested pretty dang good. My current one is abount 60ppm tds out of the tap, i wondered why my DI was lasting so long and if my tds meter was bad after I moved so I bought a new one and confirmed it. 60 TDS in, 0 TDS after 2 sediment filters, 1 carbon and RO filter (I run the 150gpd kit from BRS so the waste from one RO goes into the second then joins back to the DI canisters) and obviously 0 TDS after dual DI. My water in Niceville/Valparaiso was around 120-130 TDS from the tap, same setup got it to 1-2TDS before the DI canisters. I had a TDS "wand" tester that I gave a friend in Illinois, I thought it went bad or something after she used it the first time, found out it was still accurate. Her TDS tested out of the tap at close to 400PPM, another friends in the same area was just as bad and others I know have even worse.
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    Some side shots and my new Scopas.
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    Sorry to hear about the clam. I'm glad that basically everything else has been working out, though! Do keep updating this thread! -Kamran
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    Update: 13 Mar Three weeks in...All blue clove polyps are completely gone. I believe I had a slight cycle...my clam closed up, one SPS suffered some STN, Candy canes LPS don't look good, and I have some green algae. I stopped nitrate dosing for algae. Yesterday my clam opened back up...so I think I'm in the clear. On the bright side...ALL blue cloves are gone. It kills Waving Hand as well...I have some in the sump...GONE. As a note, I think I would have had some issues if I would have had much more die off. If you have a lot of blue clove, I would have Water Changes ready to go. Happy Reefing!