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    Hey All Trent here, been around, lurking. Kinda hard for me to do my usual post using just my phone. Computer died sometime back. Anyhow I'm pushing thru using this little keyboard with these fat fingers(atleast it's qwerty and not T9) to let you all know about this coming meet. Sunday, October 7th doors open at 10:30am. Along with all the usual goodies, we have a guest speaker. I begged and pleaded, got him in a corner and threatened the life of his fish. Na, I asked real nice, even said please [emoji16]. Anywho, this months special guest speaker is Humblefish, he will be doing a presentation on fish diseases and how to identifying them. If we show him some love on this post he might even tell us how to treat them. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Trent Sent from my SM-J700P using Tapatalk
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    For those of you who might not know about the Vendor/Sponor page. Please subscribe to my page DK Reef Treasures. I usually do specials on Friday for my livestock and depending on how things go I might extend it for over the weekend. You can always follow my Facebook page or check out my website at www.dkreeftreasures.com If you want to swing by I'm located at 1922 A Creighton rd. Pensacola, FL 3250 Happy Reefing! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    New Livestock arriving today. Here is a list of the items that will be coming in. Fish: Coral Beauty Angel Ruby Red Dragonette Aiptasia Eating File Diamond Goby Orange Banded Prawn Goby Tiger Goby Watchman Goby (Pink/Blue Spot) Candy Hogfish Foxface Bicolor Blenny Lawnmower Blenny Midas Blenny Red Mandarin Goby Yellow Watchman Goby Spotted Hawk Dwarf Lion Blue Flasher Wrasse Brown Bird Wrasse Juv. Red Coris Wrasse Red Pygmy Possum Wrasse Male Ruby Finned Fairy Wrasse Scissortail Goby Springeri Damsel Kupang Damsel Yellow Clown Goby Inverts: Pom Pom Crab Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp Tiger Pistol Shrimp Colored Chocolate Chip Star White Sand Star LG Nassarius Sand Snail Trochus Snail Cleaner Shrimp Coral: Umbrella Leather Ultra Blasto Wellsi Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk