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    Thanks for the corals looking good in my tank
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    All of my tanks are always barebottom. Coralline covers the bottom eventually and corals encrust over it. Easier to clean and have high flow.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sabrina and I'm the owner of DK Reef Treasures. What got me started in saltwater aquariums was my marine biology class in high school. We had to take care of an aquarium for the whole year. After seeing the coral grow my passion for the hobby grew more intensely. I've been wanting to have my own business for years and I finally got the courage to make that leap. Why not do what you love for a living? Since I was a hobbiest before a business owner, I know what it's like to be worried about a new store. I plan to provide you happy, healthy coral and the best service you could receive. You can always follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dkreeftreasures Or check out my website at www.dkreeftreasures.com Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Please welcome DK Reef Treasures our newest sponsor.