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  2. mad scientist strikes again5 tanks build

    adding a 250 gallon to setup
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  4. Clownfish System

    Breaking down clownfish brookstock and larvae growout system, due to relocation. Each system $1500.00 each Each system comes complete with all you see to run the system. Just add saltwater. Setup includes rack, tanks, sump, return pump, filter sand reactor, skimmer and lights. If interested make appointment, no evenings. Bring help, I'm disable so I no longer do any lifting. Still have a few proven breeders for sale. Brookstock system 18 x 10 gallons tanks system Larvae system 16 x 10 gallons tanks system Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  5. SB Reef Ulta 48inch Programmable

    I have an LED light for sale $250, barely used. I have a t5 combo I prefer. six782307426.
  6. 200 Gallon Deep 48L36W27H

    Hey guys I'm selling my deep fish tank. Looks like this. It comes with stand and canopy. It's pretty nice and has served me well. It is plumbed and will come with 30Gallon sump. No sump pump. for $600. I will throw in an SB Reef Ultra 48in programmable LED Light for total of $700. Text me for pics. Six782307426. Thanks.
  7. 90 gallon drilled tank with sump/ refugium

    Is this still available, I know it's a few month old post.
  8. Flame Angel

    I live in Pace. He nips zoas. Been in tank for 2yrs. Sell or trade. Sell $30. Six782307426.
  9. Flame Angel

    I live in Pace. He nips zoas. Been in tank for 2yrs. Sell or trade. Sell $30.
  10. Zoas for sale

    I have 2 frags of everlasting gobstopper zoas for trade or sell. 1 frag has 7 heads. 30.00 and 1 frag has 4 heads. 15.00. I'm in pace Florida but can meet in pensacola. I'm willing to trade also Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Livestock sale

    Getting rid of my livestock to take a break from the hobby. The tank is really dirty right now - lots of algae - and corals look like junk, but should survive with a little TLC. Green finger leather, Duncans, GSP, frogspawn, toadstool, mind-blowing palys, a few other palys, zoas (sunny d, purple people eater), mushrooms - take all for $30 Also have a pistol shrimp/goby pair - asking $20; oscellaris $10, coral banded shrimp $10 Text 715-523-2725 for pics. I'll be available this afternoon. Located in Pace off Luther Fowler
  12. Proven Tomato Clownfish

    Beautiful super large "Proven Tomato Clownfish"...look at the cluster of eggs on the outer part of the clay pot. These gorgeous pair are from 2014, almost 5 yrs. Spawning like clockwork! $300 local pickup or will ship $39 overnight. Here's a video link
  13. WTB/WTT: Hammer frags for Coralline.

    got alot
  14. WTB/WTT: Hammer frags for Coralline.

    Yes as title says. I’m actually willing to trade some hammer frags for just some BIG scrapings of coralline. Or I’ll just buy some from someone. I’m in Miramar beach. This deal is for anyone who is willing to come to me. I prefer scrapings or anything encrusted with it. I’m trying to avoid live rock in case unknown pest. But large rubble pieces are acceptable. Prefer multiple large scrapings though. Also prefer purple coralline over pink. If you have pumps or equipment encrusted with it. You can bring them over and scrape them off directly into the tank and leave with hammer frags. That simple. 850-803-2938
  15. Equipment for sale

    Is the hob refugium still available?
  16. Trade?

    That was one of the only things I didn’t have another frag of. I have a lot so next time I frag, I’ll frag plenty. List updated. Thanks for the interest.
  17. Trade?

  18. Trade?

    Sorry man, I didn’t see this until way too late. I’ve been working late and wouldn’t have been home in time. Sorry I missed you, it has been a long time. I hope everything is well. I don’t have any thing else fragged atm, next time I get in there , I’ll try to frag more Zoas/Palys.
  19. Trade?

    I'm interested in some green palys if you have a frag. 253-961-4705
  20. Anyone looking interested in a "Clownfish Harem"? I'm a clownfish breeder and looking to sell this 25 juvenile Designer a combination of "Black Ice & Mocha Frostbite" all born the same time! $375 cash only! Will ship at buyers expense! Here's a video link take today. The attached picture is a pair of Black Ice for a customer picking up today.
  21. Trade?

    nice stuff
  22. Trade?

    Hey bro, been a long time, im in FWB at the moment wanted to see if you was selling any zoas or pallys, text me if you get this in time, 251-472-5002
  23. Salt mixing poorly

    I've never had clumping issues with any of mine, but I do add salt cup by cup and have a TON of flow in the mixing container. I've used instant ocean, reef crystals, red sea and seachem salinity. Red Sea was the worst i've ever used for stability.
  24. Frog Spawn Colony

    I sent you a text but haven't heard back. Could come pick this up tomorrow or Thursday after work.
  25. WTB: 60 gallon cube

    Looking to buy a 60 cube for a hospital tank. So condition doesn’t matter to me much (scratches and etc) Other than it doesn’t leak. Stand would be nice but isn’t a must. Maybe interested in another aquarium that has 40-90 gallons in a smaller dimension forum. Such as columns or any shape of the sort.
  26. Kessil Controller

    Brand New Kessil spectral controller $70. You can get in touch with me at 850-428-3543.
  27. Multi Branch Ponape

    Two for sale or trade. $30 $20 678two307426
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