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  2. Wtb mp10

    Im looking for a mp10, pm me if you have one, thanks
  3. LTB skimmer

    PM’ed you.
  4. Coralife t5

    I have this coralife 30" lunar light with led moonlights brand new ! All I did was put the legs on it to see if it would fit on the tank and it doesnt work for what I want !! 150.00 plus shipping ! I never shipped anything like this before but if someone wants it I will ship Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. LTB skimmer

    I have an aquaC urchin pro. 8x3.5 foot print. Just looking for $40. Which is basically the price of the pump alone.
  6. Frags for sale

    Everything is gone, please delete.
  7. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Tank is gone. Thanks.
  8. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Ajskennels said he will pick it up today. If he don’t make it, i’ll let you know.
  9. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    If the other person decides they are not interest I will be i am located in Niceville 850-374-2824
  10. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Where are you located? If in pensacola ill take it, text me at 251-472-5002
  11. I have a 93g Marineland Cube tank and stand for free. The seam is busted on the tank and it will NOT hold water. Will be a good DIY project for someone with time and skills.
  12. LTB skimmer

    Calling people names shows who is an idiot here. I clearly said 10x10 foot print. If you have one reply or get the hell off.
  13. LTB skimmer

    10 x 10 seems you don't have the time to give more information. Like height and what bioload. A used can cost $500!! You sound like an idiot. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  14. LTB skimmer

    Why in the world would I come here looking for new one? I mentioned the specs in my post. If you don’t have time, don’t answer.
  15. LTB skimmer

    Are you looking for new or used. Do you have a budget. It save members here time. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
  16. Hydrogen Peroxide *** The information contained here is subject to frequent changes as I experiment and learn more about the usefulness of H2O2 *** What It Treats – Provides temporary relief for Marine Velvet Disease. After a 30 minute H2O2 bath, the fish should be transferred into a Quarantine Tank (QT) and treated with either copper or Chloroquine phosphate. How To Treat – The following is needed: 1. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (USP grade) - available at most drugstores or Walmart 2. Large glass bowl or container (Avoid using plastic buckets/containers) 3. Syringe or pipette (for measuring out the H2O2) and measuring cup (for adding saltwater to the glass bowl) 4. Metal spoon for mixing (NOT plastic) Directions: 1. Prepare saltwater for the bath by having it set to the right temperature and heavily aerating it. You can accomplish the latter by running an airstone or pointing a powerhead towards the surface of the water for at least 1 hour (longer is better). Alternatively, you can use Display Tank (DT) water or even from your Quarantine Tank (QT) provided no medications/chemicals are present in the water. 2. Add saltwater (using measuring cup) to the large glass bowl. Keep track of exactly how much water is added - either in cups or ml. (Do this beforehand if preparing saltwater for the bath right in the glass bowl.) Make sure your fish has enough water to swim around and last for 30 minutes without aeration. 3. Discontinue all aeration before adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the water. Using a syringe or pipette, add 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as per dosing instructions below. Dip the tip below the waterline and spread the H2O2 throughout the water. (Do not allow any air/bubbles to enter the water at this point.) After dosing is complete, gently stir the water using a metal spoon. The reason you want to be careful not to create any gas exchange/aeration once the H2O2 has been added is to prevent the atoms from releasing their bond and becoming just oxygen + water. Dosing instructions: To achieve ~ 75ppm H2O2 add: 1.25 ml of 3% H2O2 per 2 cups of saltwater. It's okay to overdose slightly. OR 2.5 ml of 3% H2O2 per 1 liter of saltwater. It's okay to overdose slightly. 4. Now it's time to add the fish. Again, do not aerate during treatment. The bath water should be perfectly still. It's okay to use a heater, but probably not necessary since the bath only lasts 30 minutes. Observe closely and remove the fish if showing signs of distress. The vast majority of fish will handle it just fine. After 30 minutes, remove the fish and transfer into a QT for further treatment: Pros – Effective, easy-to-source “pre-treatment” before fish is placed in QT with copper or Chloroquine. In this study, a single 30 minute treatment with 75 ppm hydrogen peroxide "greatly reduced" Velvet trophonts on the fish: Cons/Side Effects – Still experimental so side effects are not really known. It's possible some fish may not tolerate this treatment. *** Further reading on use of Hydrogen Peroxide for fish: (PDF: More info from the aforementioned study:
  17. LTB skimmer

    Anyone have a small foot print 10x10 inch skimmer for sale?
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  19. LTB metal halides

    Anyone here have any metal halide setup laying around? my number is 850-428-3543.
  20. Free fish

    Fish rehomed. Admins/mods please close.
  21. Free fish

    I’ll take them.
  22. Free fish

    1 - Yellowtail Damsel 1 - Ocellaris Clownfish Both free to a good home! I'm located in Navarre
  23. Bubble king supermarin 250

    Great condition. Bk 2000 pump. Tune with no issues. $750 text for photos. Will trade for smaller BK skimmer. 850-803-2938
  24. Has anyone heard anything about this expo happening again? I went to the one in 2018 but haven't seen or heard anyone talking about it.
  25. Price reduced, XLg Green Sinularia F/S, $250 OBO

    Price reduced, I really need to move this out. Will consider trades or trade/cash, looking for nice milli's and other nice acros. Call or text 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  26. Lots of corals for sale

    Sorry, I haven't been checking the board lately. $10 for the first head, $5 each head after that. Call or text is better 85O-232-888I Thanks, Joe
  27. Frog Spawn Colony

    Frogspawn has seven heads.
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